We’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and make an unboxing and product preview video! Sure, it’s a little biased (we think our product is awesome), but that’s why we’ve called it a ‘preview’ and not a ‘review’.

The unboxing video is an interesting beast.  Many a social commentator (such as this post on unboxing videos are strange and this unboxing spoof) has thrown their hands up in wonder at the popularity of unboxing videos, but the number of views testifies that people love them. Why is something a banal as an unboxing video so popular? Among other things, we reckon it’s because they tell a story. There’s a beginning with mystery and anticipation, and an ending with a solid resolution. It’s journey of change and revelation.

Plus, there’s nothing photographers would rather do than get their hands on new equipment, to get a feel for it. So, we’ve given you the next best thing – instead of creating just a slick and smooth promo video, we’ve got a video of someone showing of the actual bits and pieces.

Enjoy! (And just for kicks, here are ten of the best unboxing videos. And one more simple unboxing video for your enjoyment.


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