Photographers: Plan for success with our FREE comprehensive four-step workbook.

The Ultimate Project Planner will teach you:

    The most common first-time mistakes you need to avoid.

    The expert camera settings that guarantee consistent results.

    The little-known pricing strategies to increase your profits.

What’s inside


  • Use our easy Time-lapse Data Calculator to dodge bill shock.
  • Learn how to minimise unnecessary site visits and expenses.


  • What to look for when choosing timelapse equipment.
  • Learn the best camera settings and shooting intervals.


  • Budget for hidden costs so they don't eat into your profits.
  • Learn how to charge for timelapse and up-sell your service.

Detailed Worksheets

The Ultimate Project Planner guides you step-by-step through the four stages of planning a construction timelapse project:

  1. Plan Your Pricing
  2. Plan Your Deliverables
  3. Plan Your Equipment
  4. Plan Your Shoot 

Plus a BONUS section full of further reading and expert resources to help you really master the craft and wow your clients.

The photoSentinel works flawlessly and the staff have been incredibly responsive, knowledgeable and helpful in getting me set up. I highly recommend photoSentinel.

David Seay, David Seay Productions

We've have been thoroughly impressed by the quality and the service that the photoSentinel team have provided. It’s such an easy system to learn and use, and the finished time-lapse is going to lift our production value immensely.

Phil Dickson, Strong Productions

The installation of the photoSentinel system was simple and the whole system extremely flexible and easy to use. The time-lapse movie was a huge hit with the media, and undoubtedly helped maximise our global media exposure.

Wes Fleming, Flemings Nurseries

System reliability and quality are essential to our business and photoSentinel gives the flexibility and technical support to make our job so much easier.

Paul Curran, Logic Films

The photoSentinel unit has withstood some seriously funky winter weather in recent weeks and has not missed a beat, making the photography on this project very easy and straightforward.

Sam Roberts, Orange Lane Studios

The ability to access the unit online at any time to view the images and voltage has given me peace of mind, and the after-sales support has always been prompt and extremely helpful.

Dee Kramer, Dee Kramer Photography

The photoSentinel hardware is really easy to setup and built to withstand just about anything. Over the month-long shoot it captured a photo at every interval without a single issue!

Joel Schat, timelapse photographer

photoSentinel solves the problem of housing a camera indefinitely and then goes further to deliver additional features which give me the ability to endlessly stretch my creativity.

Alex Hallajian, award-winning timelapse photographer

About photosentinel

With over 3000 cameras deployed across the globe, photoSentinel is the industry leader in construction timelapse equipment for professional content creators.

From day one, we’ve been committed to helping creative professionals build a profitable construction timelapse business.

We talk with real photographers and videographers every day, which means that photoSentinel hardware and software is developed directly in consultation with those on the field.

The topics covered in this workbook are the result of thousands of daily conversations with timelapse professionals, often when they're in the middle of installing, 30ft in the air in a scissor lift!

Starting a construction timelapse without thorough planning is a recipe for disaster. But use this workbook and you'll set yourself up well to deliver outstanding service and creative content to your clients.

To your success!

Andrew Harrison

Founder and Director


2019 - Recipient of Boost Your Business: Advanced Manufacturing Grant

2018 - Winner of Australian Export Award

2018 - Winner of Governor of Victoria Export Award

2018 - Accepted into Dubai Future Accelerators program

2016 - Winner of Governor of Victoria Export Award

2016 - Recipient of Australian Research Council Linkage Project Grant

2015 - Recipient of Entrepreneurs’ Programme: Research Connections Grant

2013 - Winner of Northern Business Achievement Award

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