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Construction time lapse photography captures the transformation of your project. From beginning to end, your time lapse camera will highlight real-time progress as your construction site evolves.

photoSentinel allows you to customise your time lapses to meet your specific project needs.
You can set up building construction time lapse videos at any point in your project, access your custom footage that is taken automatically and set up the whole system for your convenience.

Construction time lapse photography makes a tangible difference to the success of your project. It allows you to document, access and interact with the intricacies of the build. You no longer have to worry about tracking construction site updates on your own. The best time lapse settings for construction time lapse photography will provide you with a catalogue of your site. Travel back to any point of any project with photoSentinel.

Building construction time lapse provides you with daily video updates. Automatically schedule the videos for your time lapse. With unlimited cloud storage, you will have the advantage of full accessibility.

photoSentinel has all the benefits for your long term time lapse

Our team has worked with many businesses and we understand your needs. We can help you customise your time lapse settings to make the most of your footage. With photoSentinel, construction time lapse photography will become a highlight of the job.

Easy Interface

photoSentinel construction features provides the benefit of advanced scheduling. With easy remote control, it is easy to engage with your time lapse projects and the camera. If you are looking for a long term solution, here is the answer to unrivalled power management. It’s easy to engage with the photoSentinel interface. We understand construction time lapse, so we know what works best for the industry.

photoSentinel will help to best engage with different points of view for your time lapse. After a rundown of the photoSentinel features, you too will become an expert at editing and creating new time lapse videos. Set up fixed position cameras to make the most of your construction time lapse photography.

You can create frames with specific speeds, music, and even customise shots that highlight certain images.

photoSentinel has all the benefits for your long term time lapse
Safe Construction

photoSentinel prides itself in the best equipment for construction time lapse photography. Let’s face it, a construction zone is anything but neat. Our equipment has been tested in all kinds of environments and conditions, and has 4,000 photoSentinel systems across the globe. Your time lapse footage will be stored safely. photoSentinel has been utilised in many types of weather, from Australian deserts to icy Finnish terrain. Our temperature-tested electronics mean you can deploy your building construction time lapse in any location.

DSLR Compatible

You no longer have to worry about finding the right DSLR to fit your choice of time lapse settings . It’s not a jigsaw puzzle. photoSentinel is compatible with a wide range of professional DSLR cameras.

Produce the highest quality time lapse videos. photoSentinel offers artistic control, so you can make the most of your long-term time lapse set up. Since the interface is user-friendly, you will make the most of up to 100° field-of-view with the right camera and lens.

We can provide Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras and a variety of wide-angle lenses. But if you still have questions about the best camera for time lapse, our team has compiled a list of our favorite picks

Why photoSentinel Long Term Construction Time Lapse?

photoSentinel is a reliable time lapse system

Construction time lapse photography for long term requirements is easiest with photoSentinel. It’s not just about having the right camera, but about having the right system. With photoSentinel, you get a system that keeps your footage safe and accessible.

Look at this building construction time lapse in Edmonton, Canada. photoSentinel captured 32 days of the building of the Red Bull Crashed Ice course in Edmonton for OwlBox with only three photoSentinel systems.

OwlBox co-founder, Michael Moller, says “for the full month, the systems were mounted to a roof mount and… the weather ranged from -30C to about +10C. Connectivity was never an issue and the photos uploaded perfectly. When the track build was completed, I had 24 hours to assemble all the photos and deliver a video to Red Bull for broadcast in 4K. Here’s the end result.”

Red Bull Crashed Ice Track Build Time-Lapse

photoSentinel is the cost-effective option for high quality time lapse

When you have long term requirements for construction time lapse photography, choosing the best system saves you money and time.

The iconic Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project is the perfect example. The Bridge replacement was a two year construction project in the Port of Long Beach, California. The new bridge became California’s first long-span cable-stayed bridge at two miles long with a 1000ft main-span. Michael E. Stern, a local time lapse photographer, captured the footage with our photoSentinel Pro system.

Instead of worrying about whether the footage would be captured correctly and accounting for time to schedule footage, the photoSentinel Pro delivered quality images and video without any hiccups. Building construction time lapse requires both the right camera and the right system to protect and engage with your footage. photoSentinel has your system needs covered.

Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project
Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project

photoSentinel captures projects of any scope and size

The Award-winning Farm House construction time lapse photography project is a great example of scalability. photoSentinel captured the craftsmanship of high-end builder Join Constructions across the many months of its development. This stunning Farm House won awards for Best House and Best Use of Rammed Earth.

Regardless of the day or the weather conditions, photoSentinel consistently delivers quality results. Construction time lapse photography provides the added benefit of footage for marketing purposes. Clients such as Join Constructions could truly showcase their workmanship for this project. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your work displayed in high-quality footage.

photoSentinel is network-friendly

One of the hardest challenges for construction time lapse photography is reliable connectivity to a network for storage, status reporting and alert notifications. photoSentinel offers these benefits with the dependability of easy network due to its state-of-the-art design. The Los Altos construction project highlights this quality best.

A photoSentinel construction camera monitored the construction of the highly anticipated new Safeway supermarket in Los Altos, California. The photoSentinel Pro long term time lapse unit transferred every photo over the 3G network straight into the photoSentinel server. We then created and edited the video from Melbourne, Australia without ever setting foot in Los Altos. Talk about efficiency.

You won’t ever have to worry about losing your footage. With photoSentinel, you will also benefit from the auto-generated progress reporting videos.

Why do you need long term time lapse?

Construction time lapse photography showcases your success in the best way. When you work with photoSentinel, your footage becomes an added asset for every project you work on.

photoSentinel is a system that will:

  • Engage stakeholders: Video is extremely engaging. It conveys content in a storytelling format which is specific to individuals. The story is more complete when it’s not just data and some photos. The photoSentinel features will capture progress over time and keep all involved parties informed on the status of the project.
  • Impress clients: Construction time lapse photography is only as good as the features that facilitate it. photoSentinel allows you to show your clients their construction project in an easy format. They will be engaged, informed and happy with the quality of your work.
  • Showcase work: Since you can document projects and their progress, you can showcase previous projects for new business. They also make marketing content easy when it comes to testimonials. Footage is updated daily for your benefit.
  • Improve project management: When you have access to construction time lapse photography, management takes on a different shape. photoSentinel allows for mobile work, which means less travel and less onsite time. Time lapse photography liberates your schedule to prioritize other items on your list.

Worth the Investment

photoSentinel gives you access to the best editors to capture dynamic footage of your project. Your time lapse will be edited with the latest time lapse equipment. Current clients and future ones will experience the best footage showcases. Your construction time lapse photography will now have a seamless progression. So, you don’t have to worry about undesirable footage. We cover that for you.

photoSentinel makes it easier to promote and feature your work.

We can help you!

The big challenges with long-term time lapse are power, weatherproof housing and a controller that will keep going for months, if not years, on end. photoSentinel ensures you don’t have to worry about these variables.

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