Time Lapse Equipment

photoSentinel Tempo: The definitive time lapse camera system

The photoSentinel Tempo is our most powerful time lapse equipment ever.

The combination of advanced scheduling, remote camera control, professional HTML5 gallery and unrivalled power management make it the definitive long-term time lapse equipment.

Time Lapse Equipment Features

State-of-the-art 4G time lapse controller

photoSentinel’s time lapse equipment is engineered for performance. The time lapse controller will reliably capture and upload thousands of photos, for years on end.

The high-speed modem allows you to receive status updates, get photos, and change time lapse settings, all over the cellular network, fast.

State-of-the-art 4G time-lapse controller
Time lapse housing built for the roughest conditions

Time lapse housing built for the roughest conditions

With the rugged IP-66 housing and temperature-tested electronics, you can deploy the Tempo time lapse camera system to the harshest of climates, job after job.

With over 4000 systems across the globe, photoSentinel time lapse equipment has been successfully deployed to all kinds of conditions, from the deserts of Australia and Saudi Arabia, to the winters of Canada and Finland.

Reliable industrial-grade SSD storage

Up to 500GB of industrial-grade SSD storage on-board your time lapse equipment means you have more than enough space to save even the largest raw image files, for months on end.

Reliable industrial-grade SSD storage
Time-lapse Equipment Compatible with your choice of DSLR

Compatible with your choice of DSLR

photoSentinel time lapse equipment is compatible with a range of professional DSLR cameras and lenses for highest quality photos and maximum artistic control.

Make the most of up to a 100° field-of-view by selecting the best camera and lens for your long-term time lapse setup.

You can provide your own camera and lens, or include them as part of your time lapse equipment purchase from photoSentinel. We can provide Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, and a variety of wide-angle lenses.

Power solutions for every long-term time lapse project

Long-lasting power

photoSentinel’s engineers are masters of power management.

The Tempo’s extremely power efficient electronics enable your time lapse equipment to shoot for days on the 12800 - 13600mAH lithium-ion battery alone. †

Fast charging on a 20W solar panel

The Tempo time lapse equipment charges twice as fast as its predecessor.

This means the included small and lightweight 20W solar panel is more than enough to keep your long-term time lapse camera system running on even the most rigorous shooting regime.

Other power options include dual solar, all-weather AC charger, and large-capacity external battery pack.

Learn more about our solar time lapse camera option.

External battery box

For jobs with limited or no access to sunlight or AC, the External Battery Box allows you to use a 12V lead-acid battery (not included) to significantly increase the runtime of your time lapse equipment.

Learn more about our time lapse equipment power solutions.

All-weather AC charger

For jobs with access to mains power, the rugged IP55 AC charger can withstand anything the weather and the worksite might throw at it.

Learn more about our time lapse equipment power solutions.

Cutting-edge cloud features

All photoSentinel time lapse equipment is connected to a powerful cloud feature-set that includes:

  • Professional HTML5 Image Gallery
  • Remote Scheduling and Camera Control
  • Photo forwarding to Dropbox, Google Drive, AWS and more
  • Status Reporting and Alert Notifications
  • Auto-generated Progress Reporting Videos
  • AI-Driven Time lapse Movie Composer

Learn more about photoSentinel Cloud Services.

Powerful, flexible advanced scheduling for time-lapse equipment

Powerful, flexible advanced scheduling

Tempo’s advanced scheduling lets you create shooting regimes with your time lapse equipment that perfectly match your project.

  • With the flexible scheduling options you can:
  • Set different regimes for each day of the week.
  • Shoot fast during the day and upload overnight.
  • Pre-schedule config changes for future events.
  • And much, much more!

Learn more about Tempo's advanced scheduling.

Control of time lapse camera settings

Don’t be limited to a couple of sliders that let you control just a few basic camera settings.

By giving you direct remote access to your DSLR, Tempo time lapse equipment allows for control of a much wider range of camera settings.

And, with advanced scheduling, you can even pre-schedule changes to camera settings weeks in advance.

Control of time-lapse camera settings
Custom-branded time-lapse gallery

Custom-branded time lapse gallery

View your photos on any device with the professional HTML5 gallery.

  • Customise gallery appearance with your branding.
  • Search by date through the full archive of images.
  • Overlay and compare any two photos.
  • Generate an instant time lapse of recent site activity.


Peace-of-mind status reporting

Monitor your system with continuous status updates and detailed diagnostic reporting.

Active email alerts, SMS notifications and a fleet-wide Alerts dashboard give you visibility on anything that requires your attention.

Learn more about the features of photoSentinel Cloud Services.

Peace-of-mind status reporting
Secure Photo Handling and Photo forwarding to your cloud backup for your Time lapse equipment

Secure Photo Handling

Fully encrypted device-to-device photo transfer from your time lapse equipment to the cloud, and from the cloud to your time lapse image viewing device.

Learn more about security controls and risk management.

Photo forwarding to your cloud backup

With images saved to the on-board SSD, uploaded to the photoSentinel servers, and forwarded straight to your own cloud back-up, your photos are always where you need them to be.

Automate your construction time lapse editing

Take back your time and scale your business. With the AI Time lapse Composer‘s sophisticated algorithms, you can craft professional long-term time lapse movies in just a few clicks.

Progress reporting is easier than ever. With set-and-forget scheduling, the latest movie will be always ready to deliver straight to your client.

Learn more about how the AI Time lapse Composer can help grow your business.

Support at all stages of your project

Support at all stages of your project

With tailored technical support, a detailed knowledge base of all photoSentinel time lapse equipment, and comprehensive long-term time lapse education resources, our expert team is always on hand to help you succeed.

Learn everything you need to know about shooting a long-term time lapse project here.

Sharp Images

Sharp Images

The optically-pure B270 glass ensures crystal-clear images from your long-term time lapse camera.

Perfect 3-Axis Framing

Perfect 3-Axis Framing

Frame your time lapse camera perfectly with the versatile 3-axis mount.

Ready for RAW

Ready for RAW

Cut your data upload costs with expandable SSD storage for saving months of RAW images on-board your time lapse equipment.

Quick and Easy Set-up

Quick and Easy Set-up

Set up your time lapse camera equipment fast with the intuitive Control Hub interface.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Powerful tools to manage all your time lapse cameras from the one online portal.

API and Integrations

API and Integrations

API available to integrate photos from your time lapse cameras with your favourite project management ecosystems.

The photoSentinel team is ready to set you up with top performing time lapse equipment. Enquire now for a competitive price on your preferred setup.

Technical Specifications


Controller Powerful Linux-based platform with high-speed 4G LTE modem (up to 100Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink rates). 3 x USB2.0 host ports (1.5A max).
Supported cameras*

Nikon: Z5, Z30^

Canon: 2000D|1500D|Rebel T7, 200D MK II|Rebel SL3|250D, 850D|Rebel T8i, 90D, 5D Mark IV, RP, R10, R100, R8

Sony: ZV-E10^, a6700^, a7R IVA^, a7CR^

For compatibility with other cameras, see footnote below.

Photo interval Adjustable from 5 seconds to 1 day between photos. For sustained, continuous shooting and upload, the minimum recommended interval is 5 minutes during daylight hours only. For sustained, continuous SSU (simultaneous shoot and upload) at intervals shorter than five minutes, AC power is required.
Housing IP-66 weatherproof – totally protected against dust and water ingress (not submersible).
Window glass B270 optically pure glass – highly resistant to solar radiation and built to disperse and minimise solar flare.
Power 12800 - 13600 mAh lithium ion battery, 7.2V charging circuit, 20W solar panel, 110V and 220V AC chargers available. †
Storage Swappable 64GB or 500GB industrial-grade SSD, powered by ATP A600Sc, SATA III 6 Gb/s.
Display 128 x 32 White OLED Screen.
Dimensions (mm) Housing (incl visor, handle and bracket): 240(w) x 260(d) x 260(h)
Solar panel (incl. bracket): 550(w) x 360(d) x 120(h)
Shipping weight Box 1 - Housing and pole mount (excl. camera and lens): 8.1 kg
Box 2 - Solar panel: 3.2 kg

* Only advertised Supported Cameras are recommended for use on new projects. Other cameras may be technically compatible, but may have technical or feature limitations. Camera models previously advertised as Supported Cameras are likely to continue to work on compatible firmware. Chat with one of our experts to discuss the use of an unsupported camera.

† Battery capacity will vary slightly depending on Li-Ion cell availability. All battery packs provided for photoSentinel units will range between 93 and 99 Wh suitable for UN3480 shipping regulations.

^ Low Power Mode (LPM) not available on this model.


How do construction time lapse and long-term time lapse work?

Construction and long-term time lapse photography is where a user captures a series of photos, from the same camera position, over a period of months or years, to be played back at speed. It is most commonly used to capture slow moving processes and changes which may not be obvious when viewed in real time. When a time lapse camera is used on a construction site, it highlights the changes taking place as the project develops and advances toward completion. Construction time lapse videos allow users to view progress in high speed and are a really effective way to demonstrate a project’s development.

Do I need professional construction/long-term time lapse equipment?

The short answer is yes. The big challenges with long-term time lapse are power, weatherproof housing and a controller that will keep going for months, if not years, on end. While you could cobble together your own DIY time lapse equipment, there’s no way for you to be certain your equipment will be reliable and durable unless you’ve also tested it for as long as your project is going to be. photoSentinel time lapse equipment has been deployed on over 4000 construction time lapse and long-term time projects across the globe, some as long as five years or even more. With professional time lapse equipment, you can be confident it will keep going for your entire project.

Chat to one of our team for expert advice or to receive a free, no-obligation quote for your time lapse project.

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