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photoSentinel has processes in place to ensure customer data and photos are secure. This involves ensuring our infrastructure is well maintained by keeping up to date with the latest updates to ensure maximum security. We preform regular maintenance of our systems without any downtime.

However, some system maintenance activities require services to be unavailable. To ensure the greatest availability and to enable customers to plan around it we’ve scheduled 4 maintenance windows throughout the year where some services may be interrupted. These times are:

  • The first Sunday of December between 7pm – 10pm UTC
  • The first Sunday of March between 7pm – 10pm UTC
  • The first Sunday of June between 8pm – 11pm UTC
  • The first Sunday of September between 8pm – 11pm UTC

Between ten and four days before the maintenance window, a banner will appear on the control hub log in page as a reminder of the upcoming maintenance. During the scheduled maintenance there may be some interruption to photoSentinel services. The interruption may affect the following:

  • Photos may not upload.
  • Status updates may not be completed.
  • Galleries may be unavailable.
  • Control hub may be unavailable, stopping changes to configuration or reviewing statuses.
  • Alerts may not be generated or communicated.
  • photoSentinel Utilities will be unable to complete remote operations
  • photoSentinel API may be unavailable.

Due to the nature of the updates, interruptions may occur at any time during the scheduled maintenance. Service disruptions are unlikely to last the entire three hours though.

During scheduled maintenance the photoSentinel controller will continue to take any scheduled photos. Photos not uploaded during the scheduled maintenance can be uploaded after maintenance finishes. You’ll need to ensure your photoSentinel is configured to do this.

Photos from Tempo Systems

To ensure all photos from a Tempo system are uploaded, select the “Upload as many photos as possible” function on the Upload session entry. More details on “Upload Sessions” can be found in the scheduling article.

Missed Photos for PRO/Mini/Mach II Systems

To ensure missed photos are uploaded on a PRO/Mini or Mach II system, ensure that “End of Day Uploading” is enabled. This can be done under the Capture Config tab on the photoSentinel control hub.


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