Replacing a Faulty Controller Mid-Project

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Replacing a Faulty Controller Mid-Project

You can swap out a faulty controller for a spare controller by using the Replacement Controller feature, which will allow you to change controllers without losing the installation details, photos and settings.

NOTE: Replacing your faulty controller will involve a site visit to physically swap controllers

You can also associate or disassociate controllers from installations, typically used to begin re-using a spare controller or to end shooting without losing installation details. Learn more here.

How to replace a faulty controller

Note that in order to be used as a replacement, your new controller must not currently be associated with an installation. If it is associated with an installation, follow the steps here to first disassociate it.


  1. Login to Control Hub and navigate to Management - Controllers.
  2. Locate the serial of your new replacement controller and click on Details.
  3. Under Replacement for controller use the drop-down to select the serial number of the faulty controller you want to replace.
  4. Click the Change Replacement Target button. The new controller is now associated with the same installation as the faulty controller.
  5. Physically swap out your faulty controller with your spare controller. Once you’ve done so, switch the controller on, wait for it to connect to the network, and verify that it has uploaded a photo to the correct installation.
  6. Back in Control Hub, navigate to Management - Controllers.
  7. Locate the serial of the faulty controller and click on Details.
  8. Under Replacement for controller use the drop-down to select Not a replacement.
  9. Click the Change Replacement Target button. The faulty controller has now been disassociated from the installation.

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