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photoSentinel Mini | Recommended Settings

Below are our recommended settings for shooting long-term timelapse with the photoSentinel Mini.*

The below settings are active on the camera when your photoSentinel Mini is dispatched. Sometimes, especially if left on the shelf for a time, you may find the X-A3 camera resets to factory settings.

When this happens, you can re-configure the camera back to our suggested settings below. Of course, as the photographer you know the settings that will suit your job the best; the settings below are suggestions only.

*This article was originally written when Fujifilm X-A1 was the camera in use by the photoSentinel Mini, but these instructions will still be relevant for X-A2/X-A3, with minor differences.

IMPORTANT: When you have configured all the camera settings, turn the camera switch (not the photoSentinel Mini switch) off and back on again to save the settings.

  1. Set the language to English (or your local language).
  2. Set the date/time to your local time.
  3. Set your mode dial to “A” (Aperture Priority)
  4. Inside the Shooting Menu, set your ISO to 400.
  5. Set your Image Size to M 3:2.
  6. Set your Image Quality to normal.
  7. Set the Dynamic Range to 200%.
  8. Under the Function Setting menu, set the Function button to “Instant AF”.
  9. Under the Focus Mode menu set it to “Manual”.
  10. Under the MF Assist menu set it to “Peak”.
  11. Outside the Shooting Menu, rotate the dial on the upper right of the back of the camera to set the aperture to “F9.0”.

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