How to verify that End of Day (EoD) uploads are functioning

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How to verify that End of Day (EoD) uploads are functioning

This guide will show you how to verify End of Day (EoD) uploads are functioning for the photoSentinel Pro, Mini, and Lite units.

If there are any apparent issues, the first step is to check that the firmware version is on 3.78. If your system is on an older firmware version and you need to update, contact Support.

Verify End of Day uploads are functioning by doing the following steps:

  1. Login to your photoSentinel Control Hub.
  2. Select the desired installation from the current installation drop-down menu and navigate to the Status page.
  3. Check the System Log tab for orange End of Day scheduled photo entries at the beginning of the EoD session and that the photo timestamps are as expected.
  4. If there are no photos being scheduled or uploaded, go to the Config tab.
  5. Scroll down to End of Day Uploading and check that the configuration is searching back far enough and/or that the custom date range covers the period of any outages.
    • Otherwise, it may mean that the system has not missed any uploads, or they have previously been scheduled and failed to upload twice. After photos have failed to upload twice, the system will not make another attempt without assistance from photoSentinel Support.
  6. Check the System Log tab for green End of Day uploaded photo entries. If a time stamp is from a previous date, then it may indicate the EoD uploads are in backlog. Usually this means the backlog will continue pile up as it is not able to keep up with the number of new images being taken.

Try one or more of the following solutions:

  • Increase EoD session length so more uploads occur each night.
  • Increase how many images are uploaded during the regular upload session, to reduce the number of new photos scheduled in each EoD session.
  • Manually retrieve images, then contact Support to clear the EoD queue.

If the timestamp is from the current day, then the EoD uploads are working correctly.

Lodge a Support Ticket

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