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Firmware Version Changelog – Mach II

Please see the release notes for the photoSentinel Mach II unit firmware versions below.

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Version: 4.6.5

Released: 2021-07-14


  • Updated time zone list
  • Improved operation for configurations with limited upload schedules

Version: 4.6.4

Released: 2021-03-11


  • Improved performance in Low Power Mode;
    • Improvements to camera time handling
    • Increased trigger time to improve performance on some cameras during their sleep state
  • Improved photo schedule handling parameters

Version: 4.6.3

Released: 2020-09-07


  • Improved performance in Low Power Mode;
    • Reduced power consumption when using an external drive and shooting very fast at the same time
    • Ensured camera has sufficient time to save all photos to the SD card at the end of a session.
  • Improved APN connection logic.
  • Improved handling of camera when transferring files to the external drive to ensure better file copying.
  • The largest storage volume is now formatted when requesting a format of the external drive.
  • Photo folders are now always created when required on an external drive.

Version: 4.6.0

Released: 2020-07-09


  • Changes to defaults for start-up where no configuration is available, to take photos and upload at 5-minute intervals, and set the ‘Save to external’ and ‘Upload’ extensions to both RAW and JPG.
  • Changes to regular power-on sequence to seek configuration, perform synchronisation, photo capture and status updates before beginning regular processing.
  • Changes to seconds-shooting interval and Low Power Mode shooting to synchronise only at the end of the session, to reduce interruptions on the camera during the photo-taking session.
  • HTTP Pipelining implemented to improve performance with End of Day uploads.
  • Reduced the potential for corruption of the external drive when physically removing it.
  • Adjusted format of external drive function to create a single partition from all available space.
  • New error codes implemented to report specific causes of particular camera and controller problems.

Version: 4.5.3

Released: 2020-05-28


  • Improved camera connectivity 
  • Improved communication with slow cameras 

Version: 4.5.2

Released: 2020-04-06


  • Added additional camera logging capabilities 
  • Camera software update to resolve some camera errors 

Version: 4.5.0

Released: 2020-02-18


  • Camera now switches off at the end of an LPM session
  • Improved camera reporting when it is busy syncing to external drive
  • Improved system reports when voltage drops below shutdown threshold
  • Firmware upgrade can occur at battery voltage of 7.4V instead of 7.9V
  • System checks and verifies external drive contents
  • Improved network connection reliability
  • Improved handling of network dropout during photo uploads
  • Improved ability to continue to take pictures regardless of network failures
  • Improved system time and clock
  • Improved burst mode ability
  • Improved handling of USB drive issues 

Version: 4.4.1

Released: 2019-12-10


  • Improved time-out handling
  • Default image capture changed to every 5 minutes 24/7
  • Secure uploads are checked to ensure they’re complete
  • Vodafone APN ‘’ added to default APN list
  • Improved modem power management
  • Improved network performance and reliability
  • Improves power switch handling
  • Improves how low power mode handles image timestamps
  • Setup mode attempts network connection to provide network information
  • Now uploads securely with HTTPS
  • Continued retry of connection after encountering outages
  • Improved End of Day upload reliability and speed

Version: 4.4.2

Released: 2019-08-29


  • Improved the firmware update process 
  • Improved camera operation for some Nikon models in low-light
  • Improved photo management on internal storage 

Version: 4.4.0

Released: 2019-03-01


  • Improves camera power management during an upload
  • Improved handling of taking pictures when external storage is full
  • External voltage reading cap of 17.6V removed
  • SIM PINs now supported
  • Can obtain diagnostic file from USB key
  • Low Power Mode implemented
  • Optus APN ‘connect’ added to default APN list 

Version: 3.2.1

Released: 2018-11-20


  • Modem information now provided to assist with troubleshooting potential connectivity issues 
  • Improve modem connections on cellular networks with specific APN sending requirements 
  • Improved external drive performance when low on free space
  • Improves network performance and reliability
  • Saved APN is cleared if connection is unsuccessful 
  • Cell information is now sent by the unit
  • Improved external drive synchronising
  • Improved file handling on D7200 to reduce large folder count
  • Improves how system handles manually captured image uploads
  • Recovers from Real Time Clock failure

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