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Firmware Version Changelog – APEX

Version: 2.1.0

Released 2023-09-25

  • Additional camera models to receive Status Update warning messages when LPT is configured but not supported for the camera
  • Improved handling of false positive ‘Cannot connect to camera’ errors
  • Improved accuracy of signal strength for P3 controllers
  • Implemented deletion of unwanted RAW photos from Sony Camera cache
  • Improved controller responsiveness when connected to a Sony camera with full cache

Version: 2.0.0

Released 2023-03-29

  • Support for SONY ZV-E10 camera on P3 controllers
  • Added recovery reset for some instances of USB issues
  • SSD icon on OLED now only displays when reading from, or writing to, the SSD
  • Updated the Operating System version
  • Increased camera connection reset time to 30s
  • Improvements to voltage reporting
  • Added Status Update warnings where LPT is configured but not supported for some camera models

Version: 1.6.2

Released: 2023-02-23

  • Increase to camera timeout to improve behaviour in some camera models
  • Change to modem power handling and retry attempts after encountering connection issues
  • Internal deployment and QA process improvements

Version: 1.4.0

Released: 2022-07-27

  • Enabled support for additional camera models
  • Additional camera error codes

Version: 1.3.0

Released: 2022-06-07

  • Operating System security updates
  • Improved shutdown handling for SIMCOM modem
  • Changed retry interval for unresponsive cameras to reduce power draw

Version: 1.2.1

Released: 2022-02-09

  • Support for additional camera models
  • Support for additional modem
  • Support for additional features
  • Changes to file handling for pending photos
  • Improved consistency of time value on photos across external drive, gallery and forwarding
  • Reduction in copy retries to a maximum of once every 5-minutes when external drive is full
  • Faster re-application of Low Power Mode (LPM) settings after a camera connection issue
  • The 'Start deleting old photos from the SD card' option will now also run in LPM
  • Enabled deletion of folders on Nikon cameras
  • Additional error codes added to assist with diagnosis
  • Changed the format option to use exFAT on FAT32 drives
  • Improvements to camera power handling
  • Improved photo deletion on Canon 5D Mark III

Version: 1.1.1

Released: 2021-12-20

  • Required firmware version for future over-the-air updates
  • Allows for additional time to support larger firmware update files

Version: 1.1.0

Released: 2021-10-13

  • Change to camera interaction in Setup mode
  • Support for new internal build processes

Version: 1.0.2

Released: 2021-06-02

  • Clear the photo buffer on initial startup to prevent photos from previous projects uploading
  • Adjusted the temperature measurement method

Version: 1.0.1

Released: 2021-02-01

  • Improved handling of external drive issues
  • Adjusted synchronisation of photo metadata to end of session

Version: 1.0.0

APEX firmware version 1.0.0 uses Mach II firmware 4.6.0 as its base.

  • New and improved scheduling feature and interface with updated Capture Config page
  • Advanced remote camera control feature now now available for all users
  • Smarter, improved check-in behaviour
  • Improved handling of external drive formatting
  • Improved Support experience by expanding available information in system logs
  • Improved and further stabilised the system architecture
  • Upgraded OS version

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