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Canon L Cable Pack Camera Mounting

The Canon L Cable Pack includes an additional rubber spacer and a longer mounting bolt. These are included to allow you to mount Canon cameras that have battery cables at the base of the camera, such as the Canon M50 Mk II.
Lens and Camera settings for the Canon M50 Mk II can be found at this link.  

Follow these instructions to replace the mounting bolt and add the additional rubber spacer:

  1. Slide the carriage out of the housing.
  2. Remove the camera mounting plate by pushing the yellow tab underneath the camera plate towards the back of the carriage, then sliding the plate to the right.
  3. Unscrew the existing shorter camera mounting bolt, noting the direction that it is inserted.
  4. Insert the longer camera mounting bolt found in the Canon L pack, in the same orientation as the shorter one was.
  5. Place both the original rubber spacer and the additional rubber spacer found in the Canon L pack onto the bolt.
  6. Insert the battery coupler into the camera.
  7. Mount the camera on the bolt and tighten.
  8. Slide the camera plate back into the carriage and return the camera plate's yellow tab to its locked position.

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