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Don’t risk remote long-term timelapse without status alerts and monitoring

There’s nothing worse than setting up long-term timelapse equipment in a remote location and leaving it there with no idea if it’s still working. Actually, there is something worse: coming back 2 months later to check on it, only to find that it died one hour after you installed it!

The photoSentinel uses 4G connectivity to provide you with status reporting on the web, as well as sending system alerts via email and SMS. It gives you great peace of mind knowing your timelapse camera is still taking photos, even when you’re miles away from it.

Current status, system logs and alerts

Each photoSentinel sends a vast array of helpful information to both the user and the techies at photoSentinel Headquarters. While the engineers pour over the more complex information, users are able to view the up-to-date system status and system logs, and receive automated email and SMS alerts when a system message is serious enough to require troubleshooting.

A screenshot of a photoSentinel's reporting status
A  screenshot of a photoSentinel reporting system status

Email and SMS alerts

When the photoSentinel triggers an important system message that may require action, the photoSentinel can send you an email to let you know and provide a list of troubleshooting steps. If a critical system event occurs, the photoSentinel can send you an SMS, so that you can start troubleshooting straight away and avoid missing photos. Email and SMS alerts can be turned off and on for each individual photoSentinel unit.

Current System Status

The Current System Status on the web interface (top image on right) shows:

  • Last contact (connection) time
  • Next contact (connection time
  • Next photo trigger
  • Number of photos taken in the current session
  • Free space on the microSD card
  • Signal strength
  • Battery voltage
  • Firmware version
  • Current upload status and percentage

System Logs

In the System Logs on the web interface (bottom image on right) , you can view:

  • System Log: a record of every connection and photo upload by the photoSentinel unit, including photo file size and name, and any system messages.
  • Voltage Log: graph of the battery voltage across the selected time period .
  • Free Space Log: graph of the space available on the microSD card.*
  • Warning Log: record of any critical system messages that may require action.

* When nearing full, the photoSentinel will delete the oldest photos one-by-one to make room for new photos.

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