Solar Time Lapse Camera

Power solutions for every project

Tempo’s efficient solar time lapse camera electronics are powered by a compact lithium-ion battery, charged by a single, lightweight 20W solar panel, enabling you to create true start-to-finish construction project time lapse photography.

Enjoy the flexibility of working without bulky battery stations, expensive generator trailers or massive solar arrays. And get your time lapse project set up and running before the site has even connected to AC!

Just in case your project requires AC, we’ve got you covered! Our industrial-grade, weatherproof AC charger is ready to take on any project. We also supply dual solar and large-capacity external battery packs, guaranteeing your camera will be unaffected by power outages, accidental plug removal or cloudy weather.

We have everything you need, to get the most out of your solar time lapse camera.

Solar Time Lapse Camera Features

The photoSentinel Tempo solar time lapse camera comes complete with:

  • 2x faster battery charging as its predecessor on the same, light-weight 20W solar panel.
  • 20W Solar Panel

Our 20W solar panel is included with every photoSentinel purchase, ready to go, straight from the box. Thanks to Tempo’s extremely power-efficient electronics, the included small and lightweight 20W solar panel is more than enough for even the most rigorous shooting regime.

State-of-the-art 4G time lapse controller

Solar time lapse cameras are a better option

Simple installation, no training required

photoSentinel solar time lapse cameras are lightweight and portable, unlike the old days of lugging around bulky solar arrays and giant batteries.

Unlike other systems, photoSentinel solar time lapse cameras don’t require an electrician for installation. Even non-technical personnel can and have successfully completed installation in a short time.

If you ever have any trouble installing your solar time lapse camera, our team is always available to walk you through the process or trouble shoot any issues you may face.

Position anywhere on site

The photoSentinel solar time lapse camera can be deployed anywhere on site as it is both solar and cellular. While AC relies on long cables, running from an outlet to the camera, solar time lapse cameras don’t require long cables or a generator. Installation is fast and easy (simply mount, angle and connect), so they can be moved anytime throughout the project.

Due to the fact that there’s no downtime, while waiting for power to be connected onsite, your time lapse can be setup and running before breaking ground, ensuring a true start-to-finish project time lapse.

And when the project is finished, pack down is fast and easy, so your solar time lapse camera can be quickly deployed on your next job.

7 day battery backup

photoSentinel solar time lapse cameras have a 7+ day battery life, so a few cloudy, overcast days aren’t an issue. Our state of the art, low-power electronics and high-capacity lithium-ion battery make sure that the system is able to run for over a week on the battery alone.

When the sun comes out again, our fast-charging electronics charge the battery to full capacity at high-speed.

Powerful, flexible advanced scheduling for time lapse equipment

Save money

Because our solar time lapse cameras are powered by clean, renewable energy, these off-the-grid solar jobsite cameras help reduce worksite carbon footprints, and will never appear on your electricity bill!

Environmentally friendly

Of course, our solar time lapse cameras rely on clean, renewable solar energy.

Solar panels are known for their strong, net-positive environmental impact when used long term, as the power source is clean and sustainable.

The more you use your solar time lapse camera, the more significant the net-positive impact it will have on the environment. The multi-year length of construction projects makes them a perfect application for renewable solar power.

Control of time lapse camera settings