Security Controls and Risk Mitigation

At photoSentinel, we’re committed to protecting your data.


photoSentinel takes the security of your photos and other data very seriously, and we design our systems accordingly. We’ve invested significantly in creating an ecosystem that stores content according to strict security standards, while at the same time granting easy access to that content by those who are authorised.

System Access

Only authorised personnel with authenticated login credentials can access photoSentinel Control Hub to configure a photoSentinel system. Stored passwords are salted and hashed.

Authorised personnel may create new users with varying levels of permission. ‘End client’ users can be granted permission to only access photos from selected cameras, without the permission to change any system settings.

Photo Storage

Once a photo is uploaded from the device, it is processed and then securely transferred to the Secure Storage Server using encrypted HTTPS. After a successful transfer, photos are immediately deleted from the processing server.

photoSentinel Secure Storage Servers are hosted by Amazon, who maintain world-leading cyber and physical security standards. For more information on Amazon’s security measures, visit:

Amazon Datacenter controls

Photo Access

Photos can be accessed only by authenticated users with login credentials. Stored passwords are salted and hashed.

Photos are encrypted and securely transmitted to the user’s web browser over HTTPS.

When a photo link is shared, the generated link is unique and session-limited, valid for only a short period of time. This means that only the single photo shared can be accessed, and accessing a photo once does not give perpetual access to that photo in the future.


Our team regularly reviews our security controls and works to continuously improve the safety of your data.

Our technology roadmap includes measures to further secure the ecosystem and reinforce the strong security already in place.