Complete control over your construction timelapse project

Use a flexible and powerful tool for schedules

Set up detailed, varied schedules for your project far in advance, and make changes any time.

Remotely control camera settings like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture, whenever you need to.

the photoSentinel Mach II long-term timelapse controller

Adapt to surprise client requests

Shooting is going well for Michael’s construction timelapse project, just as planned.

Without warning and late in the afternoon, Michael’s client comes to him with a new request to capture a concrete pour. It’s happening early tomorrow morning.

With Scheduling, Michael changes his shooting schedule to accommodate his client’s request in under 10 minutes; it’s easy, stress-free and he does it all right from his tablet.

Get complete creative control

Jackson has a great, new idea for his construction timelapse project in the middle of the night. It requires a very specific shooting schedule for it to work, as well as the right camera settings.

At his workstation at 1am, Jackson uses Scheduling to design an Event Schedule, with some staggered changes to his camera’s ISO and shutter speed.

By 1:15, Jackson is finished and back in bed. Two weeks later, his visual idea has come to fruition, just as he’d planned during his night of inspiration.

A clip art map showing how remote configuration works

Mastermind your project right from your desk

Where possible, Alex minimizes excursions from his home office once he sits down at his desk to work.

With Scheduling, remote camera control, online galleries and Status Reporting via email and SMS, Alex runs almost the entirety of his construction timelapse project right from his desk.

This powerful control right from his workstation gives Alex the headspace he needs to produce the best timelapse possible for his clients.

Get our most advanced timelapse system, ever

Scheduling is just one feature you get with the photoSentinel Tempo. Tackle the most ambitious construction timelapse projects with:

  • High-speed 4G LTE connectivity for fast photo upload
  • Remote camera control to adjust to changing conditions
  • Industry-leading battery efficiency for rapid charging
  • Power options for solar, outdoor AC, and external battery
  • Rugged, IP-66 weatherproof housing with pristine B270 glass

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