Advanced Scheduling

Complete control over your construction timelapse project

A flexible, powerful tool for schedules

Set up detailed, day-by-day schedules for your project and make changes any time.

Build custom shooting regimes weeks in advance to capture future site events.

Remotely schedule changes to whatever settings your camera supports; ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and more.

The creative freedom you need

You've got big ambitions for your timelapse videos. You want to blend together a wealth of scenarios and different lighting conditions to create something spectacular.

Schedule lighting-fast intervals during the 'golden hour' or 'magic hour' to get a series of phenomenal shots.

Set different schedules optimized for morning, afternoon, and evening shooting.

Adapt to surprise client requests

Shooting is going well for your construction timelapse project, just as planned.

One afternoon, your client comes to you with a new request to capture a concrete pour. It’s happening two weeks from now.

With Scheduling, you can accommodate your client’s request in 2 minutes and then move on; creating custom, future schedules is easy, stress-free, and you can do it on any of your devices.

the photoSentinel Mach II long-term timelapse controller
A clip art map showing how remote configuration works

Mastermind your project right from your desk

Where possible, you try to minimize excursions from your home office once you sit down at your desk to work.

With Scheduling, you can run almost the entirety of your construction timelapse project right from your desk.

This powerful control right from your workstation gives you the headspace to produce the best timelapse possible for your client.

Our most advanced system, ever!

Scheduling is just one feature you get with the photoSentinel Tempothe definitive system for long-term timelapse.