Our CEO, Andrew Harrisson, has touched down in New York, NY and made his way straight to the massive PhotoPlus Expo to get his finger on the pulse of all things photography in the US. For the next two weeks, Andrew will be making his way from New York, up to Chicago, down through the centre to Dallas and then back home to Melbourne via San Francisco, meeting with time-lapse and construction photography specialists every step of the way. As far as we can tell, there currently exist very few professional photographers in the US doing long-term construction (and mining, agriculture, etc.) time-lapse. Construction time-lapse seems to be almost limited to construction-monitoring companies who use webcams for project management and then produce a bonus time-lapse at the end. Such time-lapses often lack the quality of picture that can be captured with a DSLR and the artistic eye of the professional photographer.

All of this makes us very excited to be in the US again to meet with construction photographers and time-lapsers, showcasing how photoSentinel can be used to help businesses succeed through the creation of high quality, long-term timelapse. It’s our passion to see photographers and other businesses perform well and sustainably, and we’re convinced that we bring something new to the US. It’s exciting for us to see who will be the first to capitalise on the long term construction time-lapse niche in the US.



The view from Andrew’s Manhattan hotel, as captured by the photoSentinel Pro.

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