This week, in honour of April Fools Day, we’re taking a little diversion from our usual posts about time lapse best practice. PetaPixel have done a round up of all the 2013 April Fools Day pranks in the photography world. A little more sophisticated than simply doctoring photos in Photoshop, our favourite is definitely the Photographers Social Media Mouse:

Photographer Jim Goldstein is trying to Kickstart a new product called the Photographer’s Social Media Mouse. It detects when a photographer is distracting himself or herself on social media websites and shocks his or her finger in order to get him back to the business of editing photos or doing business communications.

Photographers mouse


We could certainly use one or two these at photoSentinel Headquarters for slow Friday afternoons!

In other random information, did you know photographers have a patron saint? You’ll be flattered to know that we share our saint with laundry workers…

Happy April Fools Day!

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