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How to Hide or Delete Photos

From time-to-time there may be photos that have uploaded to the gallery that you do not want to be visible, due to them being test shots, unusable due to poor weather, photos uploaded during site maintenance etc.  

Hiding these photos will prevent them from showing up on the Gallery, in your LiveLapse, and will also prevent them from being included in any timelapse videos that you might generate using our Timelapse Generator. 

Follow the steps below to hide photos: 

  1. Login to Control Hub 
  2. Select your installation from the Current Installation drop-down  
  3. Navigate to the Photo List tab 
  4. Select the image(s) that you want to hide, either individually or by using the Select all button if hiding an entire page (Tip: If you want to hide a range of photos, use the Filter by Date function to limit the results. You can also use the Items per page function to increase or decrease the number of results included on each page.) 
  5. Click the Hide Selected button

This will effectively ‘delete’ the photos from view; however, they will still be present on our server. Hidden photos can then only be viewed by manually selecting the hidden photo via the Photo List page.

If it is not sufficient just to have the images hidden from all gallery and video views and they need to be deleted, you will need to delete the installation and create a new one. Steps for doing this can be found on our Knowledgebase Articles titled How to Conclude an Installation and How to Create an Installation’.  

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