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Integrations and the photoSentinel API

You can get a photoSentinel API key any time from Control Hub, to use with the photoSentinel Utilities app or for integrations with your own software.

To learn how to get an API key, read our article here.

The photoSentinel Utilities App

An API key is required to connect the photoSentinel Utilities app to Control Hub. You can use the app to download photos from an installation to a local folder, or vice versa.

You can learn more about photoSentinel Utilities here. 

API Integration with Custom Software

Integrating the photoSentinel API with your custom software can be used for all sorts of purposes, including pulling in photos or unit diagnostic information.

We’ve created extensive documentation for developers who want to integrate their own custom software with photoSentinel.

If you have any questions about the developer documentation or how you might integrate you custom software with photoSentinel, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team.

Call Limits

Every time an API-integrated application needs to take an action that involves communication with photoSentinel servers (such as downloading a photo), it makes one or more “calls” to the servers.

Allowed API call limits per month are by default 50,000. This call limit is so large, it is unlikely to ever be reached by all but the most complex and active custom software integrations. In some cases, reaching the 50,000 call limit may be a sign a custom integration is erroneously making an excessive number of unnecessary calls.

If you think your custom integration may require a larger call limit than 50,000, contact our Support team any time to discuss.

Photo Credits

As part of your standard Cloud Services subscription you can forward each high-resolution photo once to your primary Photo Forwarding location, or retrieve it via the API. To forward or retrieve images more than once, you will need to purchase Additional Photo Forwarding Data from the Services page.

Downloading preview and thumbnail images via the API requires available Additional Forwarding Credits for that installation, even in the first instance.

You can learn more about Photo Forwarding here.

API Key Cycling as a Security Measure

If you have reason to suspect that your API key is compromised, or if you want to add an additional layer of security to your integrations, you can cycle through API keys at any time.

This simply involves setting a policy for your business to generate and delete keys on a regular basis. For example, you may set a policy that API keys are to be deleted once a month and a new one generated to take their place.

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