photoSentinel Lites save project manager hours of time


David Duffield works as a project manager for a local shire council that is replacing two ageing timber bridges. As the shire covers over 400 sq km (150 sq mi), a simple site visit uses up time David would rather spend elsewhere.

After researching various site monitoring solutions, David decided to install two photoSentinel Lites, one at each site. When he had set up the units, David emailed to let us know how great he was finding them.

“The cameras are amazing! They allow me to monitor progress on site without having to take the hour-long round trip. I’m expecting that even urgent issues will be resolved without needing to travel. It’s going to be a massive time-saver.

”The equipment arrived quickly, was packaged professionally and was really easy to set up.

“It’s also great that I can control who has access to the web gallery. I have full control of the camera settings and photos, and I have given my contractor access to view the photos but he can’t change any settings.

“The ability to make the photos publicly available is great, but on this job we were concerned about privacy for road users and local residents so we’ve disabled public access which is another useful feature.”

The $3 million projects will take around 20 weeks to complete, after which David plans to keep moving his photoSentinel Lites around to other sites.

A small bonus of having the cameras is that they captured the creek activity during some recent heavy rains. Check out this short time-lapse of the water rising and falling. (Note that the image has been zoomed in to focus on the river; the normal image frame captures the whole work site.)