The two largest names in long-term timelapse equipment for professional content creators, Harbortronics and photoSentinel, have joined forces.

In 2004, US-based Harbortronics developed one of the first stand-alone, long-term timelapse systems for DSLRs, and have gone on to ship over 5000 of these systems to every corner of the globe – from the Arctic to Antarctica, and everywhere in between.

They also quickly established themselves as speciality image-capture experts, designing bespoke systems for a variety of unique purposes, including deep sea panorama photography.

Harbortronics’ reputation in the market as the original photographer’s choice for long-term timelapse remains strong. Their systems continue to be used by photographers around the world to capture everything from glacier movement and the Aurora lights, to construction and crop growth.

Recently, Harbortronics’ founder and Chief Engineer, Mark Roberts, approached photoSentinel founder and CEO, Andrew Harrisson, with a proposal. “After many years running a successful business, I was keen to focus more on what I love most - the engineering. So, I approached Andrew about taking Harbortronics forward.”

As we got to know Mark, we quickly saw that Harbortronics and photoSentinel share the same ethos – a strong commitment to equipping professional content creators with what they need to create great long-term timelapse. Mark told us, “I’ll bend over backwards for my customers; I really want to do the best I can to support them and their needs. And that’s what I had also heard about photoSentinel.”

We also saw that the two companies had complementary strengths. Harbortronics kickstarted the industry with their great hardware and continue to build rock-solid systems. photoSentinel were early on the scene with cellular connectivity and cloud services, and cloud software remains our strength and our on-going focus.

"We’ve both got a passion for the photographer and empowering them with the tools they need, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can come up with together."

The Harbortronics Barn – Ft Collins, Colorado

The Harbortronics Barn – Fort Collins, Colorado

Additionally, photoSentinel already had a plan to set up an office in the US. With a goal of providing round-the-clock sales and technical support to our global network, we had already opened an office in Dubai. The US is the next logical stop around the globe that will enable us to reach all time zones.

For these reasons and more, joining forces with Harbortronics seemed a natural fit — and so, we’re thrilled to announce that Harbortronics is now a member of the photoSentinel family.

The partnership means that photoSentinel now has a US office (a 3000 square foot barn!) in Fort Collins, CO. We already have our new US Sales Executive, Ross Harrington, firing on all cylinders, and we’re getting our processes in place to soon be able to provide technical support and order fulfilment from the new location.

Moving forward, the focus will be on new solutions for long-term timelapse photographers. Mark has joined photoSentinel’s large team of engineers and his expertise is quickly proving invaluable. “At Harbortronics, I developed everything pretty much myself,” Mark told us. “I’m so looking forward to working with a team, with some more resources, and doing bigger and better things.”

Andrew agrees: “We’ve both got a passion for the photographer and empowering them with the tools they need, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what we can come up with together.”

photoSentinel's Andrew Harrisson (left) and Harbortronic's Mark Roberts (right), with their respective systems