A recent new addition (of the baby variety) to our family has meant that I’m unable to be at NAB Show this year. To rub salt in the wound, social media posts and FaceTime calls have been full of smiling faces and wish-you-were-heres, not to mention photos of all the cool new products that I won’t get to play with.

But, on Twitter the night before NAB Show opened, Jesse Rosten helped me to feel a part of things, even on the other side of the world.


What ensued was an hilarious exchange of NAB Show in-jokes:


And on it goes – search #NABdrinkinggame to get in on the action. Anyone actually playing this as a drinking game was no doubt found curled up in a heap in the corner of the production hall about 20 minutes into the show.

In the interests of sobriety and people actually making it to noon each day, I have taken some of the best tweets (and some suggestions of my own) and turned them into NAB Show Bingo!

Enjoy! And make sure you visit my colleagues who did make it to the show at C07139.


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