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Title Image - 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Long-Term Construction Timelapse

Don’t Make These 10 Rookie Errors!

Long-Term Timelapse Mistake #1 of 10: Assuming short-term and long-term timelapse are the same.

While there are some similarities, photographers who don’t learn the key differences will face headaches and unhappy clients down the line.

CLICK HERE to learn how to avoid this and other rookie mistakes when shooting construction timelapse.

Title Image - Best Camera Settings for Long-Term Construction Time Lapse

Best Camera Settings

Choosing the wrong settings can result in inconsistent colours, lost details and grainy nighttime images.

This can significantly increase your post-production workload and cause a lot of frustration in the edit suite.

If you’re going to lock your camera inside a box, up a 20-foot pole for three years, you really want to make sure you’ve set it up right!

Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of the BEST CAMERA SETTINGS for construction timelapse.

Title Image - 8 Construction Timelapse Project Planning Tips

8 Essential Project Planning Tips

Poor planning can really mess up a construction timelapse project.

If you miss the concrete pour, you don’t get a second chance.

But, plan right, and you’ll avoid a whole lot of headache, and awkward conversations with your client.

Follow these 8 ESSENTIAL project planning tips to get started right.


Title Image - Calculating data usage for long-term construction timelapse

Avoid Bill Shock With This Data Calculator

Time and again we see photographers caught off guard by a hefty cellular data bill.

Don’t let this happen to you!

All it takes is a simple calculation to plan properly and budget accordingly.

Use this DATA CALCULATOR to determine how much cellular data you’ll need to budget for your project.


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