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Construction Time-lapse Photography

Construction Time-lapse Photography

Construction time-lapse photography captures the transformation of your project. From beginning to end, your time-lapse camera will highlight real-time progress as your construction site evolves. photoSentinel allows you to customise your time-lapses to meet your specific project needs.

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Remote Construction Monitoring

Remote Construction Monitoring

Your time no longer has to be spread between paperwork, staff, projections, and more. Remote Construction Monitoring is a sustainable solution for all your construction projects. It improves performance, decreases turnaround times, ensures quality, and increases revenue.

You can verify the work on-site and monitor its progress. The high-quality footage will be helpful for regular inspections, daily logs, tracking orders, and much more.
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How to Make a Long Term Time-lapse Video

How to Make a Long Term Time-lapse Video

Working on a long term time-lapse video takes a lot of planning and preparation. For a project that will take months or even years, it’s important to have all the details considered and covered before beginning, to ensure the best result possible.

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Title Image - 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Shooting Long-Term Construction Time-lapse

Don't Make These 10 Rookie Errors!

Long-Term Time-lapse Mistake #1 of 10: Assuming short-term and long-term timelapse are the same.

While there are some similarities, photographers who don't learn the key differences will face headaches and unhappy clients down the line.

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Title Image - How to pitch construction timelapse services to clients

Choose the Right Time-lapse System

Taking regular photos is not the only feature you should look for when buying long-term timelapse equipment.

You also need to consider connectivity, image quality, power requirements, on-board storage, remote configuration, and the company behind it all.

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Title Image - Best Camera and Lens for Long-Term Construction Time-lapse

Choose the Right Camera & Lens

Of course, you want the best photos possible…

…but you also want to keep costs down.

With so many cameras on the market, which is best for your construction timelapse project?

In this guide we’ll tell you WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW to choose the right camera and lens.

Title Image - Best Camera Settings for Long-Term Construction Time-lapse

Best Camera Settings

Choosing the wrong camera settings for your long-term construction time-lapse can result in missed photos and a lot of headache in the edit suite.

If you’re going to lock your camera inside a box, up a 20-foot pole for three years, you really want to make sure you’ve set it up right!

Click here for a comprehensive breakdown of the BEST CAMERA SETTINGS for construction timelapse.

Title Image - 10 Construction Time-lapse Post-production Tips

Post-Production Tools & Techniques

How do you take a long-term timelapse sequence (with more flicker than an 80s disco strobe!) and craft it into a great viewing experience?

You need to use the right tools and apply the right techniques to get the results that will delight your clients.

Click here to learn the post-production tools and techniques you need to craft engaging construction timelapse videos.

Title Image - 8 Construction Time-lapse Project Planning Tips

8 Essential Project Planning Tips

Poor planning can really mess up a construction timelapse project.

If you miss the concrete pour, you don’t get a second chance.

But, plan right, and you’ll avoid a whole lot of headache, and awkward conversations with your client.

Follow these 8 ESSENTIAL project planning tips to get started right.


Title Image - Calculating data usage for long-term construction timelapse

Avoid Bill Shock With This Data Calculator

Time and again we see photographers caught off guard by a hefty cellular data bill.

Don't let this happen to you!

All it takes is a simple calculation to plan properly and budget accordingly.

Use this DATA CALCULATOR to determine how much cellular data you'll need to budget for your project.

Title Image - Best intervalometer settings for Construction Time-lapse

The Best Intervals For Your Project

Setting the right shooting intervals will make life easier in post-production and help you manage cellular data costs.

Your shooting regime will also vary based on what your client wants, and what's happening on site.

Read our detailed guide and become an interval expert!


Title Image - How to charge clients for construction timelapse

What Should You Charge Clients?

If you're just getting started with construction timelapse, how do you figure out what to charge clients?

You need to know the hidden costs you need to account for.

And, you want to maximize your income and win as many jobs as possible!

Click here to learn how to run a PROFITABLE construction timelapse business.

Title Image - How to pitch construction timelapse services to clients

Nail Your Pitch; Win the Job!

You will struggle to win jobs when you focus your pitch on your own creative skills and artistic vision.

Instead, impress your clients by showing you understand their business problem and demonstrate how your service can solve it.

Click here to learn how to WOW your clients with the perfect pitch.

Title Image - How to pitch construction timelapse services to clients

5 Free Time-lapse Tools

If you’re doing construction timelapse, there are lots of great online tools you can use for free, often right from your browser, that will give you a leg up.

These can help reduce your workload, do large calculations fast and easily, or help you make stunning construction time-lapse content.

We’ve collected five of our favorite timelapse tools together for you to check out.

Click here to check out these 5 great, free timelapse tools.

Title Image - How to pitch construction timelapse services to clients

Complete Guide to Construction Time-lapse | 2021 Edition

Our Complete Guide takes everything we've learned about long-term and construction time-lapse over our 25 combined years of industry experience...

...and puts it into a single, master volume. This is your definitive how-to guide for all things construction time-lapse in 2021.

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