Unstable Connection

Alert Details

The photoSentinel unit is having intermittent connection drops from the network and can’t successfully complete an upload.

Possible Event Code Triggers

  • Unable to connect to network (232)
  • Missed Photos Error (MEE)
  • Modem Error (MLF)
  • Network dropout on a file send (DRP)
  • Status update error (PRE)
  • Couldn’t register on network (REG)
  • No web connection, reset forced (RSF)
  • Network Dropout (SBO)
  • Webservice Connection Failed (WEB)
  • Network Dropout (CDL)

You can find the triggering event code and when it occurred by viewing the System Messages on the Status page for this installation. System Messages are indicated with an * next to the Status.


Remote Troubleshooting

  • If possible, check the status of another photoSentinel unit on the same project using the same SIM and network settings.
  • Check the SIM card has sufficient data available.
  • Check the SIM card is active on 3G/4G.
  • Check the SIM card doesn’t have
  • Check if there is a network dropout from the network provider.
  • There may be congestion during peak hours on the network. Configure the photoSentinel unit to connect and upload at a different time of the day. You can change these settings on your installation’s Config page under the section ‘When to connect’.
  • Check antenna signal strength on your installation’s Status page.
  • Updating to the latest firmware can improve system behaviour. Contact our Support Team to update the firmware remotely.

On-site Troubleshooting

  • Check the antenna cable is connected securely. On a Mach II using an external antenna, make sure that the controller is seated all the way back in the housing, so it plugs into the antenna socket firmly. Do this by pushing the controller just below the display.
  • Use a SIM card from a different network provider
  • Configure a custom APN if your network provider requires this. Find the APN for your network provider online.
    • Adding an APN to a Mach II: Switch the controller to Setup mode. Use the Advanced Options dial to navigate to ‘Set APN’ and insert the new custom APN.
    • Adding an APN to a Pro or Mini: Go to your installation’s Config page and go to ‘Advanced Settings’. Enter the APN in the corresponding field and click Save. At the bottom of the page click ‘Export settings to file’. Copy the exported ‘default.xml’ file to the microSD and insert it into the Pro or Mini controller. With the microSD card in the controller, you can turn ON the photoSentinel.
  • If you have a premium Mach II, connect a LAN/Ethernet cable to the controller. The other end can be plugged into an active network port (router, powerline or access point).
  • If photo uploads take too long, reduce the file size via the camera menu. ‘Large + normal/medium jpg quality’ will reduce the file size but the change in image quality will be barely noticeable.

Contact Support

If this article did not resolve your issue, please contact our Support Team.

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