Photo Forwarding: Merge Tags for Custom File Paths

Photo Forwarding: Merge Tags for Custom File Paths

When setting up photoSentinel photo forwarding, you can use tags to create custom file paths, and so sort images into folders according to custom criteria. The same tags can also be used to rename the image files.

This is an advanced feature that we recommend using only if you have a unique use case that warrants it. In most instances, a simple folder path for collecting all images in one place is sufficient, and there is no need to use file path tags. If you’re unclear whether to use file path tags, contact our Support team to discuss your project.

Tags can be used for a wide variety of workflow improvements. Here are some scenarios where you might choose to use tags:

  1. To group images in folders by month, day or another time criteria.
  2. To group images by file type, e.g. separating raw and JPEGs.
  3. To create a latest image file that continuously overrides with the latest photo while retaining the same file name, for displaying elsewhere online.
  4. To rename files to include the installation name.

The supported tags are as follows:

Tag Meaning Example
{PhotoTime} Display normal photoSentinel file name 20180309134505
{InstallationDescription} Display name of the installation Site Cam One
{Y} Display time year as four digits 2018
{M} Display time month as number, 0 padded 03
{MM} Display time month as three character short name MAR
{MMM} Display time month as full name March
{D} Display time day of month, 0 padded 09
{H} Display time hour, 0 padded 24 hour time 13
{m} Display time minute, 0 padded 45
{S} Display time second, 0 padded 05
{Extension} Display original file type extension (including”.”) .jpg


Note: When using tags, you must include tags for both the folder path and the file naming. Failure to set a naming convention will result in files being named per the folder path. This will result in all files in a single folder being assigned the same name and overwriting one another. To keep the standard photoSentinel naming convention for your image files, use {PhotoTime}{Extension}.

Below are some examples of how photo forwarding tags can be used.

Last Updated On August 13, 2019