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Photo Forwarding Failing

Alert Details

An active photo forwarding location for the installation is not forwarding the images correctly. 

Possible Event Code Triggers

  • Photo forwarding error (300)

You can find the triggering event code and when it occurred by viewing the System Messages on the Status page for this installation. System Messages are indicated with an * next to the Status. 


Remote Troubleshooting

  • Check if the data allowance on the photo forward location is sufficient.
  • Check if login credentials for the photo forward location have been changed.
  • On your installation’s ‘Photo Forwarding’ page: Check that the photo forwarding path is an exact match to the location. Check for typos or unusual characters.
  • Turn off the Photo Forwarding location on for the installation.
  • When multiple units forwarding to a location with the same account, the location may have too many simultaneous connections. Change each installation’s schedule, so that units will connect and upload at different times.
  • Updating to the latest firmware can improve system behaviour. Contact our Support Team to update the firmware remotely.

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