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Move Photos from One Installation to Another

You can move photos from one photoSentinel installation to another. Use the photoSentinel Control Hub when moving a small number of photos (less than 100).

Follow these six steps in order to move photos from one installation to another:

  1. Login to your photoSentinel Control Hub.
  2. Select the desired installation from the Current installation drop-down menu. 
  3. Click on the Photo List tab and select the installation that you want to move photos from. 
  4. Choose the destination installation/gallery from the Move/Copy Selected To: dropdown box. 
  5. Place a check in the selected boxes for those photos that you want to move. 
  6. Click on the Move button. 

Please note that this method will cause your browser to not respond during the process. It can take approximately 10 seconds to process each photo move, so we don’t advise using this method with a large number of photos (about 10 each time as a guide). 

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