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Load a Custom APN onto the photoSentinel Pro/Mini/Lite

A custom APN may be required for mobile networks which utilise a custom APN. If the controller doesn’t connect and provide a status update to the photoSentinel servers, follow the instructions below to load a custom APN. On the photoSentinel Pro, Mini and Lite, this APN needs to be saved to the microSD card that resides in the controller.  Follow these seven steps to in order to load a custom APN:

  1. Determine the desired APN. This should hopefully be included with the details of the SIM plan from the provider. If not, search for the relevant APN on the Internet. 
  2. Login to your photoSentinel Control Hub.
  3. Select the desired installation from the Current installation drop-down
  4. Click on the Config tab
  5. Copy and paste the APN into the SIM card APN field.   
  6. Click on the Export Settings To File button at the bottom of the Config page to save the default.xml file with the APN included.   
  7. Copy the default.xml file to the microSD card that will reside in the photoSentinel controller. Be sure that the file is called default.xml and not default(1).xml or something else, as it will not be read. 

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