Live-Lapse Gallery Feature

Live-Lapse is a quick-play slideshow of 150 recent photos, accessible directly from the gallery page. It comes standard with your regular photoSentinel service, and is available on the Discovery gallery and mobile gallery. 

Enabling and Configuring Live-Lapse

The Live-Lapse feature is enabled at the unit level on the Config page. To enable Live-Lapse for a unit, navigate to the Config page and scroll down to Live-Lapse Settings.

By default, Live-Lapse is switched off. Tick the check-box to enable. Upon enabling, Live-Lapse settings will appear and you will see two options: Latest 150 photos and custom period.
The custom period option selects 150 photos evenly distributed across a set number of days. The photos used from each day will be those captured immediately after the time selected. In the settings shown below, the Live-Lapse slideshow will select the five photos taken immediately after midday each day, across the last thirty days.
Once you have determined your settings, hit the Save button on the Config page, and navigate to the unit’s gallery to see the Live-Lapse slideshow. The slideshow can be viewed by clicking on the play button at the top right of the gallery.
L: Supplier view. R: End client view.