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How to Add Watermarks to Images

You can set watermarks and timestamps to appear on your installation’s photos. This feature is commonly used for you to apply branding to your images. 

You can choose whether watermarks and timestamps appear only on the latest photo link photo, or both the gallery and the latest photo link. 

Watermarks cannot be applied to RAW images, thumbnails, or during photo forwarding. 

How to Navigate to the Watermark Settings Menu

To navigate to the menu for watermarks, follow these steps: 

  1. Login to Control Hub. 
  2. Select the desired installation from the Current Installation dropdown menu in the top left. 
  3. Click on the Info tab. 
  4. Click on the Edit button at the bottom of the page. 
  5. Scroll down to the Watermark settings section, which looks like the image below. 

Changes made in the watermark settings menu will only apply to new photos. 

Applying Watermarks to Images

Below are explanations of how each section works in the watermark settings menu. Go through each section in the order given below. 

Watermark Image 

In this section, you will select a PNG to be used as the watermark. Use the Choose File button to upload a PNG, and the Remove Image button to remove your PNG. 

Remove Image will not prevent timestamps from appearing on your photos, so ensure Watermark date position is set to None to remove timestamps. 


  • A PNG file with transparent pixels for empty space is recommended.
  • Tick the Generate a watermarked high-res image box if you are using a gallery that is displaying high-res images. The Discovery Gallery always displays high-res images. If your gallery uses high-res images and this box is not ticked, your watermarks will not appear. 
  • Size your PNGs according to the resolution of the photos they will be displayed on. 
    • When you create PNGs to be displayed on standard gallery photos, use a standard gallery photo as your template in your illustration software to ensure your PNG is sized correctly. 
    • When you create PNGs to be displayed on high-res gallery photos, use a high-res photo as your template in your illustration software to ensure your PNG is sized correctly. 

Watermark Image Position, Timestamp Position, and Location 

You will use these three dropdown menus to control the position of the watermark, the position of the timestamp, and the locations the watermark will be applied to. 

Watermark image position 

The watermark image position dropdown menu determines which corner the watermark will appear in. 

Setting it to None will make no watermark appear. 

Watermark date position

The watermark date position dropdown menu determines which corner the timestamp will appear in. 

Setting it to None will make no timestamp appear. 

Add Watermark to 

The Add Watermark to dropdown menu determines the photo locations the watermark will be applied to. There are two options: 

  • Latest photo link only 
  • Gallery and latest photo link 

Choosing Latest photo link only will apply the watermark only to photos accessed through the latest photo link. Watermarks will not be applied anywhere else. 

Choosing Gallery and latest photo link will apply the watermark to all instances of the photo, excluding RAW, thumbnail, and high-res versions (unless using the high-res watermark setting described in the Watermark Image section). 

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