Firmware Version Changelog

Please see the release notes for the photoSentinel unit firmware versions below.

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Mach II

Version: 4.6.0

Released: 2020-07-09

  • Changes to defaults for start-up where no configuration is available, to take photos and upload at 5-minute intervals, and set the ‘Save to external’ and ‘Upload’ extensions to both RAW and JPG.
  • Changes to regular power-on sequence to seek configuration, perform synchronisation, photo capture and status updates before beginning regular processing.
  • Changes to seconds-shooting interval and Low Power Mode shooting to synchronise only at the end of the session, to reduce interruptions on the camera during the photo-taking session.
  • HTTP Pipelining implemented to improve performance with End of Day uploads.
  • Reduced the potential for corruption of the external drive when physically removing it.
  • Adjusted format of external drive function to create a single partition from all available space.
  • New error codes implemented to report specific causes of particular camera and controller problems.

Version: 4.5.3

Released: 2020-05-28 

  • Improved camera connectivity 
  • Improved communication with slow cameras 

Version: 4.5.2

Released: 2020-04-06 

  • Added additional camera logging capabilities 
  • Released in 4.5.1:
    Camera software update to resolve some camera errors 

Version: 4.5.0

Released: 2020-02-18 

  • Camera now switches off at the end of an LPM session
  • Improved camera reporting when it is busy syncing to external drive
  • Improved system reports when voltage drops below shutdown threshold
  • Firmware upgrade can occur at battery voltage of 7.4V instead of 7.9V
  • System checks and verifies external drive contents
  • Improved network connection reliability
  • Improved handling of network dropout during photo uploads
  • Improved ability to continue to take pictures regardless of network failures
  • Improved system time and clock
  • Improved burst mode ability
  • Improved handling of USB drive issues 

Version: 4.4.1

Released: 2019-12-10 

  • Improved time-out handling
  • Released in 4.4.0:
    Default image capture changed to every 5 minutes 24/7
    Secure uploads are checked to ensure they’re complete
    Vodafone APN ‘live.vodafone.com’ added to default APN list
    Improved modem power management
    Improved network performance and reliability
    Improves power switch handling
    Improves how low power mode handles image timestamps
  • Released in 4.2:
    Setup mode attempts network connection to provide network info
    Now uploads securely with HTTPS
    Continued retry of connection after encountering outages
    Improved End of Day upload reliability and speed 

Version: 4.1.2

Released: 2019-08-29 

  • Improved the firmware update process 
  • Released in 4.1.1:
    Improved camera operation for some Nikon models in low-light
  • Released in 4.1:
    Improved photo management on internal storage 

Version: 4.0.0

Released: 2019-03-01 

  • Improves camera power management during an upload
  • Improved handling of taking pictures when external storage is full
  • External voltage reading cap of 17.6V removed
  • SIM PINs now supported
  • Can obtain diagnostic file from USB key
  • Low Power Mode implemented
  • Optus APN ‘connect’ added to default APN list 

Version: 3.2.1

Released: 2018-11-20

  • Modem information now provided to assist with troubleshooting potential connectivity issues 
  • Improve modem connections on cellular networks with specific APN sending requirements 
  • Released in 3.2:
    Improved external drive performance when low on free space
    Improves network performance and reliability
    Saved APN is cleared if connection is unsuccessful 
  • Released in 3.1:
    Cell info is now sent by the unit
    Improved external drive syncing
    Improved file handling on D7200 to reduce large folder count
    Improves how system handles manually captured image uploads
    Recovers from Real Time Clock failure


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