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Navigating the Dashboard

The Dashboard layout is designed to provide you with an overview of your units, with helpful summary information.

The most recently uploaded photo is shown to help you identify the project and monitor any recent activity on the job site.
The time and date of the photo are displayed in the top-left corner of the installation's image, and the name of the installation is listed in the bottom-left corner.

The icons in the bottom-right corner assist to identify the status of your system at a glance.
Please note that the icons available to you are dependent on the access permissions that your user account has for each installation.

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The filter function allows you to adjust which installations appear on your Dashboard.

  • Activating the 'Requires Attention' toggle will limit the installations to show only those with an active or recovering alert, including a battery voltage level that is below the alert threshold.
  • Activating the 'Show Detached' toggle includes installations on the Dashboard which don't have a controller attached.


You can set the number of columns that the page displays by clicking on the Columns icon in the top-right corner.


Battery and External Voltage

The battery icon indicates the current battery charge state. The icon will appear red when the battery voltage is below the alert threshold.

  • Hover over this icon to show the most recently reported battery and external voltage values.
  • Clicking on this icon will take you to the voltage log section on the Status page.

Recent Photo Upload Count

The numbered rectangular box next up indicates the number of recent (past 24 hours) photos uploaded for this installation.

Alert Indication

The icon second from the right shows a summary of alerts for the installation.

  • A tick inside the circle here indicates no active alerts, while a number inside the circle icon indicates the current number of active alerts for the installation.
  • Clicking on this icon will take you to the Alerts tab of the Status page.

Gallery Link

Clicking on the latest image for one of the installations will take you to the gallery, where you can view the uploaded images.

If you simply wish to see a larger version of the latest image without navigating away from the Dashboard, click on the image icon on the far right side of the desired installation.

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