How to Customize the Discovery Gallery

From the Homepage Setup screen, you can select the Discovery Gallery style by selecting the Change Gallery Style button. You can then customize it by selecting the Manage Appearance and Branding Button. 

Customize the Login Page 

In the Manage Appearance and Branding modal, you can customize your login screen by uploading your own logo and background. 

Login Logo 

To upload a logo, click on the Choose file button, or Remove image button to return to using no logo. Select the Save Changes button when you are done. 

  • The recommended size for the logo is 600 x 200px. 
  • .jpeg, .png, and .svg are all supported image formats. 
  • The maximum logo file size is 50KB.

Login Background

To upload a login background, click on the Choose file button, or Use default image button to return to the default background. Select the Save Changes button when you are done. 

  • The recommended size for the background is 1920 x 1080px 
  • The recommended image format is .jpg but .png is also supported 
  • The maximum background file size is 5MB. 
  • Your login background will be aligned to the top centre of the page. Keep this in mind when uploading your image. 
  • The background image will be clipped on smaller screens and scaled on larger screens. For this reason, if your client will be commonly viewing the page on a smaller screen (e.g. tablet), you may wish to upload a smaller image that will look best on the smaller screen and scale up to the larger screen (e.g. desktop computer). 

Gallery List Background 

  • The recommended size for the gallery list background is 1920 x 1080px 
  • The recommended image format is jpg. but png. is also supported 
  • The maximum background file size is 5MB. 

Gallery Banner 

In the Manage Appearance and Branding modal, you can customize your Gallery Banner, its hyperlink, and its alignment. You can use a logo-sized image instead of a banner if you wish. 

To upload a banner, click on the Choose file button, or Remove image button to return to using no banner. Select the Save Changes button when you are done. 

  • The recommended size for the banner is 100 x 1920px. 
  • You can use a logo in the place of the banner; to do this, use an image with a size of 100 x 400px. 
  • The recommended image format is jpg, or .png for banners with transparency. 
  • You can insert a hyperlink into the banner, or leave it blank for no hyperlink 
  • You can set the banner’s alignment to left, right, or centered 
  • Your logo or banner will be displayed at 100px height regardless of how long the image is. The edges of the banner will be cropped on the side(s) to fit the browser window according to the alignment of the image.

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