SanDisk brand SD cards no longer supported

A recent spate of SD card errors on our systems has led us to discover that SanDisk have changed the protocol of their Class 4 SD cards. Because of this, photoSentinel no longer supports the use of SanDisk Class 4 microSDHC cards with our Lite, Mini and Pro systems.

The new protocol (UHS-1) on the SanDisk cards is designed to allow newer cameras to write faster. However, the increased bus speed also causes interference in the photoSentinel SD ribbon cable and can lead to a card read error.

Unfortunately, the change was implemented by SanDisk without notification or even changing the part number or catalogue description. This means that before we discovered the issue, a number of photographers have received incompatible cards with their equipment.

Thankfully, not all cameras are effected. Older and smaller Nikons and (currently) all Canons are not designed to use the UHS-1 protocol and will still work fine with these cards. Newer cameras, particularly the Nikon D7000 series and the FujiFilm XA1 (the camera in our photoSentinel Mini) may try to use the new protocol and so cause the card error.

If you are receiving a consistent card error on your camera while using photoSentinel, please check your SD card for a pesky little ‘I‘ on the label (see picture below). This means you have one of the newer SanDisk cards, which is most likely causing the card read error.

We will now be supplying photoSentinels with Kingston Class 4 cards, which do not have the new protocol and have been tested.

If in the last few months you received a photoSentinel with the SanDisk UHS-1 card, and you are getting consistent card errors, please let us know ASAP and we will send out a new Kingston card.

Moving forward, the great news is that our new photoSentinel model, to be released early-2016, will access the camera by USB and so be compatible with all SD and CF cards.

As always, let us know if you have any further questions about this support update.

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