Hot temperature testing in U.A.E (and our workshop)

In the last few months we’ve seen photos uploaded from the first ever photoSentinel Pros in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar… where things get hot. Extremely hot, as I can testify to after travelling to the U.A.E. to help install a photoSentinel on top of one of the country’s many towers. While I sweltered in the desert’s peak summer temperatures (roughly 40C (105F) and up to 40% humidity), the photoSentinel Pro is snapping away just fine. Even though the electronics are inside our new metal Beast housing and under direct sunlight, we have had no issues with the photoSentinel nor the camera (for this project, a Canon 5D MkIII with a 80-200mm lens).

We’re thrilled that the photoSentinel Pro has performed so well out on the field in both cold and extreme heat. In addition to this unofficial field-testing, we’ve already conducted controlled low-temperature testing and are right in the middle of controlled high-temperature testing. After cranking our hot-temperature unit up to 60C (140F), preliminary findings show absolutely no adverse effects on the operation of the photoSentinel, nor the test camera (Nikon D3100). Stay tuned for the official report soon.

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