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The Organisations page is a way for you to manage your users and their permissions. You can create administrator users who can automatically be associated with newly created installations.

You can give permissions to a user to allow them to see and manage all the project homepages and users in your organisation. It’s a useful tool for managing your fleet as it grows. 

The Organisations page can be found in the top navigation bar. It will be visible to the Organisation owner and they can grant any other user access to this page by assigning them the “Manage Organisation” permission (see Users With Organisation-wide Permissions below). 


There are several sections on the page:

  • General Details – Includes your Organisation’s name, and any secure custom domains that have been set up. To change your Organisation’s name, contact Support.
  • Users With Organisation-wide Permissions – Here you can add users and assign them permissions that allow them to manage different elements of your organisation.

Each specific permission is listed below:

Users With Organisation-wide Permissions

Username – The user that will be affected by selected permissions.

Manage Organisation – The user can access the Organisation page from the top navigation menu. They can grant permissions to other users and themselves if they have this permission.

Manage Billing – The user can change settings that will affect billing, such as changing plans and creating additional photo forwarding locations.

Manage Users – The user can see, create and modify other users’ details in the Organisation.

Manage Project Homepages – The user can see, create and modify Project Homepages in the Organisation. 

Manage SIM Cards – The user can add and modify SIM cards in the Organisation.

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