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What is Default Access?

Please note: Default Access was called Default Permissions for New Installations’ prior to August 2023.

Default Access grants users access to certain features for all newly created installations. For example, a user with the ‘Can Receive Alerts’ default permission will be able to view alerts for every installation created after they were given Default Access. Default Access can be configured from the Default Access page, which is found under the Management section of the navigation menu. Only users who are authorised to manage their organisation are able to reach the Default Access page. Default Access privileges can be assigned to individual users, or if you wish to give multiple users the same permissions, you can assign Default Access to Access Groups.

Since Default Access permissions are applied to all new installations, we recommend using caution when granting Default Access to users and groups. If you do want to grant a user access to all new installations, you can give them access to each installation directly via each installation’s Access page or by using an Access Group which is connected to the target installations.

What does each Default Access permission do?

Can Configure – The user can modify the Capture Config and Gallery Settings for all new installations. 

View High Res – User can view and download full resolution images on the gallery for all new installations. 

Social Sharing – The user can share links to photos for all new installations. 

Gen. Time-lapse – The user can view the Time-lapse tab on all new installations. They have permission to view and generate timelapse videos. 

Can Receive Alerts – The user has permission to receive alerts for all new installations.

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