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Using a Secure Custom Domain for Gallery Homepages

In addition to and a range of white-label domains, gallery homepages can also be hosted at your own custom domain. This gives you the opportunity to send your customers to your own branded subdomain to view the images from their photoSentinel cameras.


To protect your data, and that of everyone who uses photoSentinel, you’ll need to provide a wildcard SSL certificate for your domain before it can be used for gallery homepages.

Setup and ongoing charges apply. For current pricing, please see the 'Fleet Wide Service' section of the Cloud Services comparison table.

Technical Requirements

  1. Ownership of the custom domain that you want to use.
  2. The ability to add and modify DNS CNAME records.
  3. The subdomain to point to the gallery must not be used for any other website.
  4. wildcard SSL certificate for the domain address.
  5. Payment of the photoSentinel Custom SSL Setup charge, and agreement to the ongoing hosting charges for this service.
  6. Agreement to the Terms of Service for this service, as listed below.

Next Steps

  1. Contact your Account Manager to initiate the process of securing your custom domain.
  2. Provide us with the SSL certificate for installation on our system.
  3. Once the certificate has been deployed to the photoSentinel system, point the DNS CNAME record for the desired subdomains, to the photoSentinel servers.

Terms of Service

  1. You responsible for ensuring the wildcard SSL certificate remains up-to-date. photoSentinel takes no responsibility for tracking expiry date nor notifying you of an expired certificate.
  2. You are responsible for payment of monthly service charges to photoSentinel for the Secure Custom Domain Service. Should you fail to pay, photoSentinel reserves the right to suspend the service.

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