Using time-lapse for marketing and pitching

With 64% of online consumers saying they’re more likely to buy after watching a product video, you can no longer avoid video for your online marketing. And, when your product or service involves slow change over a long period, time-lapse is a great way to tell your story in a short, punchy marketing video. With time-lapse, photos are taken at regular intervals (anything from one per second to one per day) from exactly the same vantage point, and then strung together in a video that showcases the normally slow transformation in just seconds. Time-lapse videos are growing in popularity (web searches for ‘time-lapse’ have increased 400% since the start of 2009), and a good time-lapse video can be shared thousands of times on social media within hours of being put online.


Where to start

Why not use time-lapse video as a value add-on service, for marketing and pitching for your next contract, or simply to show off to friends. Project managers can also use a live web gallery to ‘visit’ their multiple sites at any time without leaving their desk. If you feel confident with photography and post-production, you can use the photoSentinel to capture the photos to create your own video. Alternatively, there are countless photographers for hire who will do time lapse – a time-lapse video may be cheaper than hiring a film crew or a stills photographer for even just a few days.


Who’s using time lapse to promote their work?

Below are some great examples of companies using time-lapse to promote their business. (Note: photoSentinel is not necessary associated with the listed projects.)


Fleming’s Nursery and Phillip Johnson Landscaping


 Martha’s Vineyard


Construction companies


 Artist Thomas Gibbs


Kennecott Utah Copper mining


Profloor portable flooring system


Marketing Case Study: Aussie billabong garden wins Best In Show


Phillip Johnson and Fleming’s Nurseries approached photoSentinel to document the construction of their 2013 entry in London’s prestigious Chelsea Flower Show. When their garden, the Trailfinders Australian Garden – presented by Flemings, won the much-coveted Best In Show honour, the construction time-lapse was sent out with the press release to media outlets around the world.

Twenty major Australian and international news outlets made the video available on their website. Numerous blogs either embedded or linked to the video, and it was featured on Australian television shows. It was shared on Twitter and Facebook, on industry websites and on local news sites across Australia. Additionally, the four organisations involved with the project posted the video on their own websites, blogs and online video accounts, where it received thousands more views (and counting).

Leanne Gillies of Fleming’s Nurseries was thrilled to have a time-lapse movie of the winning garden. “The photoSentinel was so easy to set up and use, and captured an excellent record of the whole project. As well as providing a great time-lapse movie, the photoSentinel web gallery allowed our Melbourne team to see up-to-date progress of the garden at anytime, from the other side of the world.”

The time-lapse video was a valuable part of the publicity campaign and gave news agencies more content to provide their audience. It also gave the companies involved a great record of their work that they can use to show off to potential customers for years to come.

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