photoSentinel for photography and video production

With photoSentinel, you can offer your clients a wide range of extra services, such as:

HD+ time-lapse movies

For use in PR, marketing, stakeholder progress reports and pitching for future job.

Insurance premium reductions

Providing the photo coverage of long-term timelapse may help your clients reduce insurance premiums.

Photos from every moment

Choose the most striking images from hundreds of photos taken every day of the project.

Up-to-date marketing material

The latest photo can be uploaded automatically to your client’s homepage.

Remote project monitoring

The web gallery enables project managers to visit the work site from their desk.

Settle liability disputes

Photo proof of conditions before, during and after the project can help your client settle liability disputes.

The photoSentinel system has been developed in close consultation with professional photographers and video producers, and is continuously being improved to better serve your business interests. We work hard to develop strong relationships with our photographers and have a strong reputation for excellent technical support.

Here are some other ways we help your business to get the most out of photoSentinel:

Customisable web gallery

Our web gallery is completely customisable! This means you can host it at your own URL and brand it with your own and your clients’ logos. The client need never see the brand “photoSentinel”, so they won’t be tempted to by-pass you and buy directly from us.

Use your favourite gear

Got a favourite DSLR camera and lens? Then you can use it to get the best photos! As long as it has SD storage and an external trigger post, it can integrate with photoSentinel.

Remote status reporting

Nothing could be worse than setting up a long-term timelapse, only to return months later and discover your kit died just hours in! That won’t happen with photoSentinel because the regular status updates will let you know what’s happening.

Post-production left to experts

At photoSentinel, we don’t offer post-production. Instead we go through local photographers who use photoSentinel equipment to provide clients with a complete service. This means we do what we do best (developing equipment) and you can do what you do best (photography)!

Business assistance

To grow your business with photoSentinel, we can help you develop marketing, presentation and pitching material. We’re here to help your business thrive!

Remote online configuration

Configure your time-lapse shooting regime on-line to take photos anywhere from once per second to once per week. Then, if circumstances change mid-project, you can change the regime on the run to capture everything you need to.

Complete control over photos

It’s your choice whether to give your clients access to medium or high resolution photos, or no photos at all! As the photographer, every full res photo is sent straight to your choice of back-up, but you control what your client gets. They’re your photos so you own and control them.

Your own support team

In a recent survey of photographers, we were applauded for our excellent technical support. When you need technical support, we’re only an email or call away!

Continuous development

Our aim is to help your business run the best it can, and so we’re constantly soliciting feedback from our users and researching ways to improve photoSentinel. Free firmware updates can be done over the air and hardware upgrades are regular.

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