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Grow your photography/production business with photoSentinel long-term timelapse construction cameras! Construction time-lapse is the ideal compliment to your other services. With just one piece of equipment that integrates with your favourite DSLR and lens, you can offer HD time-lapse movies, marketing stills, remote project monitoring and insurance premium reduction to industries as diverse as construction, mining, agriculture, landscaping and any other that involves long-term processes. And with the live photoSentinel web gallery, you can charge for a monthly service and not just the end product.
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With photoSentinel, you can visit all your job sites without leaving your desk! The customisable online web gallery provides high resolution photos at regular intervals every day of your project. You can view live or past photos to see if it was raining on site (like the contractor claims) or zoom in to capture fine details like license plates. The continuous photo record of your job from start to finish may also lower insurance premiums and settle liability disputes. Partner with your marketing team to show the latest photo on your company website and use the final HD time-lapse movie to help win your next tender.
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With 64% of online consumers saying they’re more likely to buy after watching a product video, you can no longer avoid video for your online marketing. And, when your product or service involves slow change over a long period, time-lapse is a great way to tell your story in a short, punchy video for use in marketing, PR and an engaging way to demonstrate your skills and experience when pitching for your next job. Whether it’s for a progress report, job tender or video content to send out with a media release, long term construction time-lapse will give your target market fresh insight into your services.
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