It’s just over one week until the much anticipated 2014 NAB Show in Las Vegas. Here’s a quick look at some of the time-lapse goodies that will be on display. If you know of any more, let me know and I’ll add them.

Increase revenue with long-term timelapse

Of course, photoSentinel CEO Andrew and myself will be proudly exhibiting the photoSentinel range of long term construction time-lapse equipment. In particular, at NAB we’ll be launching an ebook on how to increase your revenue with long-term timelapse. For all the link to get your hands on a copy, come and visit us at booth C12146. We’ll also be running workshops on how to make money from long-term timelapse and how to shoot and edit long-term time-lapse – times and details will be published in the NAB daily news.

The full range of motion control

2014 NAB Show will feature just about every serious motion control gadget on the market, covering the full range of affordability. Here’s the breakdown:

Affordable and portable

    • Our close neighbour, New Zealand, will be represented by the guys from Syrp who have been globe-trotting with their very portable Genie. Starting at just $890, the Genie on a tripod will pan, it will dolly with just a slider and a rope (no extra motor required) and it can be connected to another Genie to add tilt to achieve all three axes.
    • Our friends at eMotimo will be again showing off their incredibly user-friendly 3 axis motion control head, the TB3. If you are a time-lapser who is used to performing arithmetic to work out your speeds and intervals, the TB3’s ease of use will blow you away like it did when I first used it. Simply set parameters and the system does the math for you; the moves are fully repeatable too. Starting at just $999, the TB3 was originally targeted at the prosumer but is so good that plenty of the pros have quickly adopted it too.
    • eMotimo have been hard at work behind the scenes with Rhino Camera Gear developing one of the cheapest full 3 axis solutions on the market, just in time to let you have a play at NAB. $1749 gets you the TB3 control head and the 4ft Rhino Slider Pro. The quality and low-price will make it a serious contender on the show floor.



    • Kessler Crane, the long-time go-to guys for motion control, will no doubt be demonstrating their new Parallax slider add-on which allows for automatic and precise, non-motorised panning and fixed-point sliding. Though for video rather than time-lapse, it looks like a very smooth piece of engineering and will be great to test out. For time-lapse, a full three axis solution from Kessler will set you back anywhere from about $3,500.


The bee’s knees

  • Mr Moco from the UK will be exhibiting their high end motion control rigs, which start at around $7500 for a three axis set-up. For that sort of price you’re looking at equipment that is really designed for video and seems overkill for motion time-lapse. But it’s still cool to see what they can do, and if you had one lying around for video, you might as well use it for time-lapse as well.
  • At the really pro end of the spectrum, camBLOCK will be showing off their soon-to-be-released Adventure 3 axis rig which will retail at $11,200 when it arrives this coming summer. The Adventure is billed as an ultra-portable version of the camBLOCK Modular and certainly looks like an amazing piece of machinery. It’s well and truly up the top end of the price spectrum, but check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos and footage; you’ll be impressed with what it can do.


With the rapid uptake of hyper-lapse, I’m sure many people will be wandering around NAB looking for an alternative to tripod walking. Unfortunately, Dan Eckert’s very nifty and versatile Camtrack won’t be in Vegas for NAB, but if you’re looking for wheeled solutions, the places to start will be the tripod manufacturers and the ‘we-make-every-accessory-you-can-think-of’ booths from (often) Chinese exhibitors. If you don’t find what you need on the show floor, you can always try out Mike Mikkelson’s DIY hyper-lapse rover.

Time-lapse workshops and field trip

Time-lapser Richard Harrington is again leading a hands-on workshop on time-lapse video and panoramic photography to the Red Rock Canyon Observatory. The $395 registration includes round-trip transportation from the Las Vegas Convention Center to Red Rock Canyon Conservatory, lunch and onsite small group instruction. Check out the details here.

Richard Harrington is also presenting a short workshop on different creative forms of time-lapse in which he will explore hyper-lapse, shooting from a moving vehicle and day-to-night workflows. All the details are here.
Do you know of (or are exhibiting yourself) any other time-lapse solutions that will be making an appearance at NAB? Let me know as I would like to feature it hear and check it out on the show floor.

Beyond time-lapse, there are plenty of other very cool gadgets making the trip to NAB for us to drool over. In particular, I’m looking forward to Shape launching their very nice-looking Gimbal ISEE II, the forbidden love child of a Movi and a shoulder rig. And, while Movi is launching their new $5000 Movi5 for DSLR, I’m sure we’ll see others come in with a whole range of lower-priced “Movi-for-the-rest-of-us” 3 axis gimbals. With over 200 first-time exhibitors at NAB 14, there’ll be plenty to look at and play with!

We look forward to seeing you at NAB, so please make sure you come and say hi!

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