UPDATE: We no longer stock eMotimo products, but we still recommend them – their new eMotimo spectrum is amazing! You can check it out here.

We’re now stocking the fantastic 3-axis motion control head, eMotimo TB3!

On a recent trip to San Francisco, we had the privilege of drinking nice coffee and chewing the fat with eMotimo‘s founder, Brian Burling. Between sipping single origin, organic lattes (eMotimo’s office is in the hip part of town), he let us play with his 3-axis motion control head, the eMotimo TB3. We were so impressed that we bought one before leaving the US and not much later decided to bring them in for everyone else to play with!

We took our TB3 out for a play last weekend at The Digital Show 2013 in Melbourne and introduced eMotimo to Australia. With great usability, easy slider integration and repeatable motion, the TB3 received a hearty welcome. We reckon we didn’t pause 15 minutes between demonstrations for the whole three days of the expo!

Because we think the TB3 is such a great and versatile piece of equipment, we’ll continue to stock it and make it locally available this side of the Pacific. Buy from us and you’ll receive an Australian warranty and local technical support, as well as the 10000mAh lithium-ion battery that eMotimo themselves are unable to ship from the US.

Prices start at $1413 (inc GST)* for the TB3, controller, battery (choice of lithium-ion or solid lead acid) and camera cable. If you already have a slider, you can add a third axis for as little as $95.

To find out everything you need to know about the eMotimo TB3 check out their website. When it comes time to buy, drop us a line and we’ll hook you up!


* add $35 for postage. Note, when comparing our price to buying from eMotimo direct, don’t forget to account for exchange rate, shipping, GST, customs duty and the bother of sourcing your own battery (eMotimo can’t ship the lithium-ion battery to Australia). Plus, we provide Australian warranty and technical support. When accounting for all the extra costs, you’ll find our price competitive.

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