Go to the Edit Homepage screen and select Discovery Gallery as the gallery style.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 4.14.28 pm

Customise Banner/Logo

Here you can upload a logo or banner to be displayed at the top of your gallery, select how you would like your logo or banner to be aligned, and a background colour to appear behind your logo or banner (relevant only if your banner/logo is PNG with transparent areas).

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.04.29 pm

Your logo or banner will be shrunk or stretched to 100px height regardless of how long the image is. The edges of the banner will be cropped on the side(s) to fit the browser window according to the alignment of the image.

  • Recommended size for banners is 100 x 1900px.
  • Recommended size for logos is 100 x 400px.
  • Recommended image format is jpg, or png for logos and banners with transparency.

Customise Login Page Background

If your homepage has a login screen (public homepages do not), then you can customise the background by uploading your own image to replace the background below.

Your login background will be aligned to the top left corner of the page. Keep this in mind when uploading your image.

  • Recommended size for the background is 1900 x 1080px.
  • Recommended image format is jpg.
  • The background image will be clipped on smaller screens and scaled on larger screens. For this reason, if your client will be commonly viewing the page on a smaller screen (e.g. tablet), you may wish to upload a smaller image that will look best on the smaller screen and scale up to the larger screen (e.g. desktop computer).

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