We’ve got some great developments planned in the coming months for photoSentinel Control Hub (our new name for the setup webapp). These changes will be centred around two things: greater usability for your workflow and improved gallery features for you to sell to your clients.

This first release features a brand new mobile version of the gallery and some easier-to-navigate menu changes.

Mobile Gallery

To view a gallery on mobile, simply add ‘/mobile’ to the end of the URL for any photoSentinel homepage. Upon logging in, you will be able to select your galleries, swipe through photos, jump-to-date, pinch-to-zoom, toggle between low resolution (‘data saver’) and high resolution, and hold to save an image to your device.

Currently, you need to manually select the mobile view by adding ‘/mobile’ to your homepage URL, but a future update see homepages automatically load the mobile view on mobile devices.

New menus

The new menu structure is centred around the selection of the individual installation. Select the installation first, then select what settings you would like to configure for that unit. It’s a much more intuitive way of navigating Control Hub’s functions and we think it will make things easier.

Top Level Menu

When you first log in, this is the top level menu you will see. Universal settings that are not related to individual installations are accessible from this men

Search and Select Installation

Select the installation you wish to configure from the dropdown, or search for it using the search bar.

Installation Settings

Once an installation is selected from the dropdown, the second level menu will appear, comprised of all the settings you can configure for that particular unit. By default the Status page will load first, and you can then navigate to any of the other pages.

Other Changes

This photoSentinel Control Hub release also includes the following:

  • Faster load time for Status pages;
  • Ability to have multiple browser tabs open, each with a different installation selected for config;
  • Change of page name from ‘My photoSentinels’ to ‘Galleries’;
  • Removal of ‘black arrow menu dropdown’ from thumbnails on Galleries and Homepages pages;
  • A single ‘Setup’ button displayed under thumbnails on the Hompages page; and,
  • A range of back-end bug fixes.

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