If you haven’t yet seen this video of the Sequana Tower being torn down and rebuilt, you’re missing one of the best post-production efforts on a construction time lapse that we’ve come across. It’s always hard to hold a viewer’s attention for any length of time, especially in this age of the goldfish-memory attention span. But Parisian photographer Ramon (we wish we knew more about him, but he seems to be an internet spectre) has done an outstanding job of taking over three years of footage of the Sequana Tower and condensing it into an engaging 3 minutes.

The post-production that makes this video so strong includes:

  • strong title sequence
  • dynamic written commentary that fleshes out the story
  • tilt-shift style framing of the main subject
  • rewind, fast-forward and replays
  • zooming in and out to focus on the action
  • short, sharp sound effects for zoom transitions and dynamic text
  • speeding up and slowing down the photo frequency
  • informing the viewer of the length of time covered by different sections of the video (e.g. ‘Core destruction: 5 months’)
  • night time and day time shots
  • change in music and style for a different stage of the construction project

This video is a great demonstration of how much good post-production can add to a construction time lapse. We’d love to see more like it!