Our R&D team are currently putting the finishing touches on lots of exciting new features for our photoSentinel Pro and preparing for the launch of the brand new photoSentinel Lite.


Release of photoSentinel PRO 2.0


We’ve been hard at work making our professional 3G remote long-term timelapse system an easier and better-quality product to offer your clients. Here are some of the new features:

• Mobile and tablet compatibility – a completely redesigned HTML5 user interface control panel that can be used on all computers, tablets and smart phones – it looks much better, is easier to use and doesn’t require Flash.

• Greater viewing options – an iPad viewing app that gives quick system stats and easy access for you and your clients to the latest photos at any time – great for keeping your clients up to date.

• Significant software updates that give you more options and easier remote management.

• Hardware updates that integrate the latest technology to keep the system fast, reliable and durable.

Launch of photoSentinel Lite


We’ve also been developing a new, basic-model install-and-shoot timelapse unit, the photoSentinel Lite. At less than half the price of our current Pro system, the Lite will be simple and intuitive, featuring a quality Nikon point-and-shoot camera, 3G connectivity and all-weather durability. With no monthly service fee, you’ll be able to adjust settings for the system right from your phone and then receive your photos via email.

Designed to be mobile and easy to install, the Lite will be perfect for site monitoring across multiple locations, timelapse of domestic building works and small-scale project management. Cheaper than the Pro system but producing better quality photos than most webcam systems, we’re excited to see what new projects people will use the Lite for.

If you would like to be kept up-to-date with either of these two new developments, drop us a message on our Contact page.

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