This skyscraper construction time-lapse, shot using a photoSentinel timelapse camera, is one of our all time favourites.

Towering at 42 floors, the Mansão Wildberger watches over the exclusive Corredor da Vitória in upmarket Salvador, Brazil. With luxury apartments as large as 993m2, it is one of the most prestigious addresses in Brazil.

A photoSentinel long-term timelapse system fitted with a Canon EOS Rebel T3 (aka Canon EOS 1100D) and a standard 18-55mm kit lens was used to capture the skyscraper construction time-lapse, providing further proof that you don't need the best camera to achieve great long-term timelapse.

Across the long 32 month build, the timelapse camera captured photos at sixty minute intervals. This resulted in over 11,000 images that needed to be parsed to produce this final timelapse video. Brian Hawkins compiled this particular edit using just one photo per day, taken at the same time to ensure a level of lighting consistency.

This project is currently featured on the photoSentinel Gallery Demo, where you can see every photo, as well as timelapse videos auto-generated by our brand new Time-lapse Generator.

Skyscraper construction time-lapse in six slices