If we asked you to think of a large time-lapse project, you'd probably imagine am impressive building project. Well, this one is different! The massive 293m long, 70,000 tonne luxur cruise ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2, retired from service as an ocean liner in 2008. Since then, she has been undergoing a major overhaul and refurbishment, commencing a new life as a luxury floating hotel in Dubai in April 2018.

While dry-docked for repainting in Dubai, the project was captured by four photoSentinel long-term timelapse units – two photoSentinel Mini units and two photoSentinel Mach II units. With over 2.7 million man-hours (308 years!) of work invested in refurbishing this craft, a timelapse video is truly the only way to capture a project of this magnitude and condense it into a sharable format. The results in the video above are quite incredible!